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    freediverx01 wrote:


    This is not BS. The human eye is also susceptible to image retention, so it's important NOT to stare at the grid pattern before switching to the grey screen or else you might mistake your own eyes' image retention as the screen's fault.



    I understand that, I'm just saying the genius was using that as the reason why we (everybody with the LG display) are seeing the IR, and not that there is a problem with their displays.

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    jedlh wrote:

    I reached out to some contacts @Anandtech, & argued strongly for a careful analysis/comparison.

    Regardless of what their decision is, I'll post back here once I hear back from them...


    This is very much appreciated. A rigorous comparison of the two diplays is definitely needed. We don't know actually what the problem with the LG display is, and why the ghosting went undetected during the rigorous tests.

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    I bought my rMBP 13" about a week ago. 03 March 2013. I realised a slight IR issue after 4 Minutes. I went to the apple store in Hamburg and got it replaced. i tested the second one in the store. 15 Minutes test. Image retention. Got a third one. Now the manager was looking over my shoulder. The third one had Image Retention too... So they gave me a 4. one and said it would be the last one they could give me for today. so i went home. i am at vacation now and realised that even the 4. one has a slightly IR problem. it is not as bad as the first three, but after a couple of minuted you can see the IR. You can't see any colors or any details but you can see where the checkboard was. I am not sure if i shouldf give this one back or just wait and give it back in a couple of months. i even thought about giving this one back and ask for my money. in germany we have a law that after the second replacement with the same issue you are allowed to get back your money. so i don't know if i should just wait or get it replaced now again...or get back my money and wait for the new retinas in june ? what do you think?



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    do you have the 15 inch or the 13 inch?

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    @inamorta: Ran into the same problems with my 15" laptop. Apple was completely polite, tried 3 swaps in a time frame of about 3 months, and after that I got a Samsung display which was way too pinkish, but had no IR. I got my money back.


    Also die sind eigentlich ganz freundlich, und sogar nach 3 Monaten habe ich meine ganze Kohle zurückbekommen. Ich warte auf die 2. Generation der rMBPs und nutze mein 2008er MBP weiter

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    its is a 13" model.


    okay danke ich denke ich werde denn mit dem hier bis juni leben(der fehler stört ja nur weil man weiß das er da ist^^), es dann gegen geld zurück tauschen und die neue generation holen xD muss man halt etwas kohle drauf legen aber naja denke das ist n plan.


    (thanks i think i'll stick to this one till the next generation of RMBP. Then just get my money back and buy a new generation retina)

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    Das war ein ständiger Prozess des Austauschens, da ich Online bestellt hatte und die Austauschgeräte Lieferzeiten hatten, dadurch kam es zu den 3 Monaten. Ich habe den Fehler immer sofort reklamiert. Sobald du IR auf deinem Gerät siehst, tausche es um und da Du vorhin berichtet hast, dass Du ein leichtes IR hast, würde ich es sofort zurückgeben und das Geld zurückverlangen - auch wenn Du dann weiter mit einem alten Rechner leben musst.

    Wandel den Kauf direkt bevor dann einer im Store sagt "aber sie haben ihn doch so lange benutzt"... Musst Du Dir ja nicht geben.


    Ach ja: Im Apple Store in Frankfurt meinte einer der Vorgesetzten ich wäre nicht zufrieden mit Apple Geräten und solle doch woanders ausschau halten. Der Typ im Store war ziemlich frech, die am Telefon immer hilfsbereit.


    Back to english: I recommend to give it back ASAP if you cannot live with the IR issue (I couldnt even live with my pinkish Samsung Panel rMBP as I have a dual-screen setup, while the one was white and the screen of the retina macbook pro was as I said totally pink) and get your refund. Better waiting for a real upgrade later than dealing with this issue.

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    okay macht sinn^^

    jo ich bin zurzeit im urlaub daher kann ich frühstens am montag den 25ten wieder in den laden. 2 wochen nach dem kauf. Hast recht ist vermutlich besser dann gleich hin zu gehen. Thx =)


    (sorry everyone for our german conversation)

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    Okay this one will definitely go back to the apple store. After a 10 minute Facebook session i switched back to my (solid grey) desktop and could see the facebook logo clearly on my desktop...

    goodbye number 4 :/

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    Just for info: I am using my old 2008 MBP right now as the secondary display, it has a static Adium chatwindow and the contacts list displaying there since 3 hours on a grey background. And guess what happens when I move the windows away? Exactly. No Image Retention at all. That's how it should be. So please, don't accept IR as a characteristic of a display. It's not.

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    i didn't notice it right away but about a month or so later my machine also suffers from burn in. Its really only noticable while working in photoshop and anything that switches from a light background to a dark one. For $3,000 this shouldn't happen. Apple has become a company that wants to rush products out to snatch your money and have the consumer be the beta tester. I would love to get a replacement to get a perfect screen but i've read even with the samsung screens there are other internal problems happening. I think apple should either replace with a properly working laptop or for people who don't have the burn in that bad and want to keep there's get some kind of credit/cash back.


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    I have the same problem. At first I thought it was just a bug in OS X Mountain Lion, but it wasn't. In my stupid country, in Russia, shops with Apple Premium Reseller and warranty services refuse to change my macbook pro or do anything with this problem, although the warranty ends in August. Apple, what should I do with this? For this money it shouldn't happen.

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    Hi! I bought my MBPR one week ago. I vahe a LG display and so far I haven't noticed any image retention at all, even running the checkboard test for 15 mins at high luminance levels...Maybe it will appear in the next days, months..who knows? Which is the best trial test to show IR on the display?

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    which lg disply version did you get? SJA1 or the newer LP154WT1-SJA2 ? i also have the SJA2 version since two weeks now and didn't notice any signs of image retention even after 3 hours of checkerboard testing.

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    I didn't get image retention until 6 months later with my July 2012 MacBook Pro retina. I don't think we can claim any LG Macbook pro retina being safe until a year of owning one. I also did the test in the beginning and there was no indication of image retention.