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    @inamorta: Is it the new RMBP version (2013/February) 13" that you bought?


    I am wondering if these image retention problems are still persisting in the new 13" models too (2013)? Because I'm thinking in buying one next month...



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    Yes mine is the new generation. If bought it one and a half week ago. So it is one of the February 2013 models. First the IR was so slightly, it was nearly impossible to spot, but now after a week it has become worse. So the 13" february 2013 models suffer from this issue too. I am in a really bad situation right now. My old laptop just died on me and i need a laptop for my studying and working. So i have three choices, give it back now and hope for another (5th) replacement or get refund or i could try to live without a laptop and wait until the next generation comes out.  You should ask yourself if you are willing to try to get a rMBP without the IR issue or to just wait until june and hope that the next generation don't suffers from this problem.

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    That's a sad situation...


    I am thinking in buying one because I am goind to the USA next month... and the prices there are much better then in Brazil (where I live)... I have a MBP Mid/09 right now...


    In Brazil, the top rMBP 13" (i7 3.0 and 512 Gb ssd) cost 4200 dollars... no way to pay this amount here...


    But, did you check about the type of display you have? If it is the new LG or the samsung ones?


    Maybe it's a kind of lottery game for this new 2013 models...

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    @ Ipinotti


    Sadly there is no way (at this time) to find out if you have a samsung or LG panel. The command in the terminal won't work on the 13" model. I think it is better for you to wait, because if you buy one in the USA and find any IR on it you could have problems with it to get it replaced when back in brazil. How long will you stay in the USA?  wish you a good time btw

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    what test did you do on your units to determine the IR problem?

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    @ inamorta




    I thought that terminal command would work on either rMBP models... and if I talk to the seller guy at the Apple Store, is he willing to tell me about the model of the rMBP display?


    Must be a way to get a decent working model out there... that's a funny situation though... you are willing to buy, but they don't have a product that is working to sell...


    I am going to stay in US for about 20 days... thank you for the wishes..

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    @ Ipinotti

    20 days... man then i would definitely don't buy one on risk...:/ i don't know how your chances are to get a US model replaced in brazil :S ?

    Apple Store People have no way to find out wich panel is build into the macbook. maybe if you open the display you could find out but that would not help because after opening it you would not get a replacement. so it is a lottery game



    on the first day i did the 15 minutes checkboard test. slightly IR

    yesterday i noticed that i could see the facebook logo on my desktop after beeing on facebook for 10 minutes. so the IR is getting worse with time. checkboard is now visible after 3-5 minutes

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    I have the newer version too,  LP154WT1-SJA2. I hope it won't have the same problem, even if it seems that both models show IR, but no one did a real statistic on this.. Finger crossed!

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    I have changed my screen twice for sevral pixelfaults, when it happend for the third time I finaly got i new MBP. I hope the screen stays normal this time:-)

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    " The human eye is also susceptible to image retention, so it's important NOT to stare at the grid pattern before switching to the grey screen or else you might mistake your own eyes' image retention as the screen's fault."


    So THAT's why they call it a Retina Display-- it mimics the human retina's propensity to retain images. Now I get it. It's a feature, not a bug! But wait, that would mean that only the LG screens are true "retina" displays. If you got a Samsung screen, go to the Apple Store and demand your money back...


    Who says that Apple is no longer innovating?

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    Ok, so it has been a while since I visited this thread, and I have definitely lost track of all the progress that has taken pace in diagnosing/researching this image retention issue.

    I bought my 2.3ghz rMBP in July of last year. My first computer had an LG display which had terrible IR. I took that computer to the Apple store and was given a replacement on the spot. The replacement (my current computer) also had an LG display. I was originally dissappoined that I received another LG display, but I'm happy to report that I am only experienceing minor IR (much less than my original computer). IR is only visible on a 50% grey screen and is very faint - I definitely do not notice it unless I specifically go looking for it. So, since August (when I received my replacement), there hasn't been a single instance where the IR has bothered me/affected me.

    I've also heard that the LG screens have beter color rendition which I like as I am a photographer and do quite a bit of editing on this computer. Overall, I am very happy with this computer and definitely would not be able to go back to another computer with a lower resolution display. This screen has been absolutely excellent for the photo editing that I do.

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    Hey guys .. found out about this when it got posted on slashdot.. checked my computer and obviously had this issue (one of the original retinas early in the cycle) . I took it to the Boston (Boylston st) apple store, they pretty much took it on the spot 6pm last night and gave it back around noon with a samsung screen. As annoying as this is, I have to give the apple guys credit (and perhaps this giant thread) for dealing with the issue pretty forthrightly..

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    Apple is charging premium prices and selling discount quality products - great!


    I was about to order a new rMBP 13" today, but just came across the article on IR on 9to5mac.


    Will definitely stay away from the rMBP for now, returning the product several times in hope of getting a Samsung display doesnt like a lot of pleasure and the service I expect from a premium product.


    Apple should use some of its large cash position to provide better quality, this is embarassing.

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    this should definitely become puplic. if the media would report about this thousands of retinas would get back to apple ^^

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    This already is public, but the media isn't making a big deal out of it.  Probably because the problem is with Apple laptops, rather than iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad.  iOS devices have grown in popularity so much that they provide by far the bulk of Apple's earnings.  If they stopped selling MacBooks tomorrow, it would barely put a dent in their earnings.  I'm afraid this is why the problem isn't getting more attention and also why Apple isn't dealing with this head on.  They are trying to push the problem under the rug and hope people don't notice by just quietly replacing the screens for only customers who complain.


    If ANYBODY at Apple is reading this thread, you have to get those in power to change their attitude about this issue.  The entire manufacturing process for these screens needs to be changed so that they are PERFECT and don't have IR problems anymore.  Apple needs to admit the problem publicly and declare that all Retina MacBook Pro laptops will have an unlimited warranty on the screens, and that every last screen will be replaced with one that won't have these problems, as soon as Apple has actually fixed the problem (Apparently even the Samsung screens aren't perfect, so Apple needs a better solution than just replacing LG with Samsung).


    I have been a loyal Apple customer longer than almost anyone alive (Since 1984), so I am absolutely the type of customer who Apple does not want to alienate.  I really hope that the legal action that has been taken and all of the comments in this thread will get Apple's attention and finally cause them to do something.  I was ready to plop down $3,000 for a top of the line 15" Retina MacBook Pro, but I won't touch another MacBook until they are pefect.  In the meantime I will try to make my 2011 MacBook Air last as long as possible (Have already upgraded the hard drive through OWC).


    If this problem existed with iPads, you can be 100% sure that the issue would already have been dealt with, and that the media would have made a much bigger deal out of this.