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    I purchased a brand new 15" rMBP exactly two weeks ago today. Over the course of 10 days, I went from having no IR (LG display, SJA1) to having a moderate degree. First, this shows that not all of the 2013 rMBPs have the SJA2 screens, as some have reported. There are a number of original panels floating around yet.


    Obviously, having spent $3000 on a computer, I was going to have none of it. I took it back to the Apple Store and they just swapped it out for a new machine. To my surprise, when I got home and checked, I have a gorgeous Samsung display.


    I guess the Apple gods were smiling on me today!


    What's interesting is that every single one of the rMBPs on display in the store were Samsung. There was literally not one maching with an LG screen. That's pretty surprising considering the LGs are thought to be much more prevalent than the Sammy's. I think there's something they're not telling us...

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    Does it have any creaking/ popping noises???

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    Yes, there's a slight creak when you push on back cover, right where it says "Macbook Pro." However, it's not nearly as bad as my last. And, I'm sure I'll have good luck loosening the screws a bit, as others have reported.


    The slight creak is definitely not enough to make me buy another ticket to the screen lottery!

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    Haha i totally understand. Thanks for you your quick reply. I was orignally had a samsung screen but i now have an Lg, no IR yet, so we will see.

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    yes got

    Color LCD



    but i have sandisk ssd ._.

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    So i have this, ordered it custom day of launch, great

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    getting a first generation mbpr was obviously a mistake. i have the efi gpu throttling issue in windows. but i am scared to send my computer back because i might get an lg screen and have this issue (and/or lose my samsung harddrive and ram).


    apparently apple doesn't care about supporting their stuff within a reasonable time period unless you have an iToy device

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    antony6555: Have you installed the recent SMC firmware update? It's supposed to help with GPU throttling issues.



    Hang on to the one you have if possible...

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    How do you tell if you have samsung ram? Btw the update solved the issue so it doesn't matter if you have samsung or sandisk ssd.

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    Solution: I live in the Dominican Republic and as third world country, the solution to all ills is to format, after formatting my machine in place that I recommended apple and the same problems continue to benefit from a trip to the United States to New York, and went to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, a result they changed the LG screen by Samsung and the problem solved once.

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    I bought my MPBR as a custom build at the end of August 2012.  It had an LG screen that was initially perfect and showed zero signs of ghosting.  I found out about the problem after I bought it and ran various tests and the panel performed great with no ghosting.  I noticed ghosting for the first time in December after showing a static image for over an hour.  I was a bit bummed about it, but hey, this is a productivity tool, and my work involves simulations and math, not graphics, so I ignored it.  The   image retention worsened to the point where it would show up in under two minutes.


    Apple store visit

    I got tired of the IR so I took the trip to the nearest apple store about 60 miles away.  The discussion with the Genius went like this:


    Me: "Sometimes, when I have a static image on the screen for a while, I can see an impression of the image on the desktop after I close the window."

    Genius: "That is a normal occurrence with IPS displays." (Proceeds to read Apple's statement off the web site.)

    Me: "Perhaps, but it didn't do this when I bought the computer.  It started a few months ago and has gotten pretty severe.  Could you take a look at it?"

    Genius: "Sure.  We have a test that we can run to see if it is normal or not."

    Genius then inserted a USB stick and boots the computer from it. "You can have seizures from looking at this," he said, so he nearly closed the lid so I couldn't see what the test is doing.

    After about 3 minutes, the computer beeped and he opened the lid.  The screen was set to black.  "Can you see a checkerboard pattern?"

    Me: "Of course not, the screen is black.  That's not when in shows up.  It shows up when the screen is an intermediate color, like gray.  Let me show you."


    I then opened an application with a white window (not even the checkerboard pattern) and let it sit for about 90 seconds, then opened a Terminal window with the background set to a medium-dark gray and made the window full-screen.  The window shape was clearly visible and the text on the menu bar was readable.  "That was less than two minutes."


    Genius: "Well, your system passed the test.  This is normal with these panels.  They all do that."

    I said I understood the position he was in, but surely he could tell how cheesy this was.  I then mention LG vs Samsung.

    Genius's tone changed a bit. "I know what you're reading online.  We can replace your panel, but  only once, and we can't guarantee that it's going to fix the problem, or that your replacement will be one brand or the other--we can't tell in advance."

    Me: "Let's give it a shot."


    The genius then wrote up a work order with part #661-7171, the result being a Samsung panel.



    I had heard about dead pixels on these, but this particular panel looks great to me.  I see nothing wrong with this one. The color is noticeably more "yellow" or a warmer white as other folks have commented.  However, to me, the color is very pleasing compared to  the LG panel.  It's a warmer white--I always found the LG whitepoint to be a bit blue for my taste.


    I think we need to consider carefully how and where we direct blame for this display panel issue, and perhaps rein in the heated rhetoric a bit.  Any company can have supply chain problems and Apple is no exception.  Clearly, they are trying to replace as few panels as possible.  There is probably a good reason to restrict replacements to the loudest complainers, such as to ensure continuity of supply for production.  Apple has taken care of my situation satisfactorily as they have with other issues in the past and are clearly trying to please people who are demanding panel replacements four or five times over.  I seriously doubt other companies would offer that level of service.  Let's hope they can land on their feet and put these issues in the past.  All told, these are breathtakingly nice machines, and I have yet to see anyone else push the design envelope the way Apple has.


    By the way, my MBPR also made a creaking/crunching sound near the wrist rests.  I mentioned that during my visit, and so far, it appears to have been fixed.  I have no idea what they did, but they clearly have a fix for it.

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    Its good to hear that your creaking noises got fixed. I have had so many replacements but all of them still creak badly. how long did it take for them to fix it?

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    three hours nothing else, at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in NY.

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    You have a similar problem to me, but he Genius understood having to change my screen LG by a Samsung. And Solved my problem.