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    Tachyio wrote:

    Just be sure when you stuff it in a bag, you don't sit on it!


    I use a Pelican 1095 case with pick-n-pluck foam to carry mine.  It's bulky as all ****, but I can bash it around and plunk it down without worrying about it.  The laptop and the case together fit into a 17" laptop backpack.  I added peel-and-stick Velcro around the latch to prevent it from popping loose (see reviews on Amazon).


    It seems extreme, but my previous white Macbook screen got etched by the keyboard from books and other things in my bag, and no one seems to make a truly rigid sleeve liner for messenger bags or backpacks--they all transfer crush forces to the laptop.

  • Tachyio Level 1 Level 1

    Currently using a thick padded Incipio. I'm quite careful and never place it at the bottom of a book stack, so no worries.


    Just get jittery when other people use my macbook, my friend dragged it momentarily across the table until I stopped him


    I try to keep my machines as pristine as possible, for the next person who may eventually use them.


    I've had friends who had bashed up pc laptops (made of plastic), amazing what people do to their computers - haha!

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    brianjsw wrote:


    "Somebody about a couple hundred pages back discussed that what happens is that ions from the glass or whatever are slowly travelling and migrating into the actual LCD material.  This happens over a period of time, and it's these ions that hold an electrical charge for too long and cause the LCD to retain images."


    I wonder why LG has this problem, but Samsung doesn't? My LG had horrible IR that appeared after mere minutes of use. I just re-tested the Samsung LCD panel (which I received as a screen replacement back in September) and it still shows no signs of IR at all...after more than an hour.

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    Confirmed with mine rMBP 15"...

    After few minutes I see picture ghosts.

    And the worst for me is that I do mostly a graphics work (photo-correction, web and print graphics and illustrations development)!


    I was the happy Apple user since 1995, but now this is what I see in the newest product of my favorite hardware company...

    I paid for my MacBook Pro big money, but I can not normally use it for my work because this screen issue is absolutely unacceptable for my kind of work!


    such a shame...

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    Had the ghosting issue as well as an issue with graphical glitchs when dragging stuff on the screen.


    Had the screen and logic board replaced.


    Now I have an ugly yellow screen and the trackpad keeps sticking.


    Bloody nightmare

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    Just been in to the Southampton store in the UK.


    The genius I dealt with couldn't have been more understanding. He could see the warm white and agreed it wasn't ideal. He went away to speak to a manager and come back with a brand new Macbook. The unit was purchased last Ausgust. The new one is a slightly upgraded version.


    Best of all the white is bright white and there is no ghosting. Perhaps the latest batches have properly functioning screens.


    Extremely happy. Despite the issues, Apple customer service is the best in the world.

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    Are you serious?


    So you had a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro with just terrible colors, and they just swapped the whole laptop out? You then got an Early 2013 model which is upgraded AND most likely has the LG SJA2 panel?


    Consider yourself very lucky. They were reluctant to replace JUST my screen to fix GHOSTING.


    I also have a Mid 2012 bought at the end of August. All the store did here to remedy the IR problem was to give me a horribly yellow-tinted, uneven, dull Samsung screen and then tell me that the yellow tint is normal and would wear off (obviously not correct).

    I'm now stuck with this screen, pretty much.


    That's really amazing. You were out of the return period and everything? I'm glad your problems were solved!

    If you have an LG SJA2, you have the best colors and most likely you'll never see image persistence.

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    I am experiencing ghosting but it is not worth playing the lottery game and potentially ending up with an inferior display.

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    Hello everybody...


    Just to warn anyone who is/was decided to buy a new rMBP 2013 13'... IT IS STILL PRESENTING BURN-IN PROBLEMS...


    Like I said some posts behind, I was decided to try this new model hoping that the problem was gone... So, this saturday, in NYC, at the 5th Ave. Apple Store, I bought my little precious...


    When I got home, unboxed the toy, turned it up, played around a little and tough to try the burn in test... And so I did... Waited for 10 long minutes, and there it was, the chess picture on my gray background... Tried it again to double check (after a while), and it was there.... I was so sad and so annoyed, that I even run the same test on a MBP 2011, and it was ok there... As you could expect from a good computer...


    So, I decided to come back to apple, and see what I can get...


    At the Apple Store, the genius guy was very friendly and also had already heard about the problem... He brought me another rMBP, very fresh, he said, without asking me anything nor neglecting the issue... And I unboxed it and ran the same test at the store... 10 minutes with the chess picture at the maximum brightness... And BOOM, the defect was there, same issue, same sad problem...


    I've showed to him, he saw the problem and understood... He told me that he was allowed to give me 1 more try, or my money back... And also told me that screensavers are made to solve that issue, and that he think/knew that even if I get another one, I will going to get the same stuff...


    So I thought that, based on many reports here, telling that the issue can become worst, and I should not have the same support for this mac in Brazil (I am from Brazil), I gave up very sadly... Will not spend 2300 dollars in a computer with a known issue that could get worst and annoy me very much... Asked for a refund...


    Just to warn the people that were excited about buying a new rMBP without this big issue...


    Waiting... And hoping that Apple fix this in a new release...

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    I believe the Samsung panel replacement number is #661-7171.


    Does anybody know what the LG SJA2 panel number is?

  • seanspins211 Level 1 Level 1

    I typed in that code to my terminal and nothing came back. Anyone know why? I just bought a macbook pro w retina 13" yesterday.

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    Very sad to hear that, I own a mid 2012 rMbp since last july and only had problems with it; my screen ghosting its severe and noticeable after just one minute with only half brightness. Waiting to get back to the Uk to take it to the apple shop as I'm now in Asia and using the rMbp everyday and can't survive without it. I'm really hopping for a replacement as my machine also suffers from wifi drop out problems. Writing this MSG through my iPhone as a result. 

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    It has been mentioned more than a few times in this thread that the 13" screen version has no terminal command to tell which manufacturer produces the screen. That's only the 15" that it works with.

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    Brought my June 2012 build 15" rMBP in to the local Apple store last night, showed them the issue, and he immediately checked to see if they had the other panel in stock which they did.  I picked it up today, all done!  Looks great so far!