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    I agree with you. They might be not excellent but still above average. Im pretty new to the OSX world since 6 month but I have been using IOS device since 5-6 years.


    As for customer service of Apple, I find them a bit too much on the secret side and expensive for out of warranty repair. But in my humble opinion, no other company really have better than this. We are currently dealing with Lenovo at work and they are a bit chaotic.


    At least with Apple you know they have the extra money, that they have a reputation to protect and that we also usualy pay twice+ as more as the device cost in reality. So I feel we have more chance to get satisfaction with Apple than other company.

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    There is ZERO conclusive evidence that the "SJA2" is the the answer. We will know within the next few months. The problems can appear right away or after MONTHS of use, so, as the SJA2 is relatively new, we have to wait and see before spreading this silliness about sja2 being all that. Of course, if Apple wants to come clean and admit that the other panels were broken and the sja2's are their answer then we would know more. As is, we KNOW nothing, other than nobody here with an sja2 has claimed to have IR. Not that I'm sure somebody hasn't, I just can't recall anyone with sja2 posting they have IR.


    Myself, I'll wait, even when they release their next macbook, I'll wait a few months. As the one main thing I learned from this thread is Apple's customer service is NOT as great as I'd heard. I've read more horror story experiences related to IR than I would have imagined. Sure, some stores are honourable but far too many are not.

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    Three or four years ago, I bought my first Macbook Pro (core 2 Duo), which had a faulty screen with light leakage running up the middle.


    I took it back to the store and they changed it no problem. Excellent customer serivice.


    This time however, they're being very vague, and denying the issue even though it's obviously very well known. If this was an issue with my ipad, I would'nt be bothered, but this is a £2000 laptop used for professional work.


    Last year I boguht a Wacom Cintiq 22hd that had a defect. Wacom were very good at sending me a replacement whilst i still had the faulty one. Once I'd set the new one up and decided it was perfect, they arranged to pick up the old one free of charge. I'm very happy with Wacom and their products. 


    I've had several issues with Apple products over the years, but always maintainted that their products and customer service is higher rate than other tech manufactures. However, I'm seriously questioning this with the Retina MBP. I'm considering that this Macbook will possibly be my last Apple product, and I'll go back to Windows again.

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    I have serious burn in issues now, 4 months into my 15 Retina purchase (2012). What are my options? Can I ask for a repair from Apple? I'm not in the US.

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    Same here on my Mid 2012 Retina 15 (purchased 23.12.12).


    Time to see what I can get from a genius!

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    Sorry to hear your having similar issues.


    At the moment I'm not sure we have any options. Apple seem to think this is 'normal' and only some people are being given repairs or replacements. I've sent two follow up emails since my phone call and had nothing back. I'll see if I hear anything on Monday.


    I tested my old 2009 MacBook Pro and also my brothers 13" 2010 MBP. Both these screens are perfect and don't exhibit ghosting. I also checked my old 2005 Ciinema Display which does have ghosting. However, the Cinema Display is almost 8 years old and the IR is so minimal in comparison to the Retina MBP.


    If I knew that the Retina MBP's had this 'normal' ghosting before I purchased it, I would have definitely bought something else.

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    Ok, in 14 days return policy, I was able to return MBPr Early 2013 15" Production week 3 (January) with SJA1 bought in local shop. It had no IR, but for 2013 new model, I expected new display revision.

    Already just got the same configuration from Apple, luckily with SJA2:


    Early 2013 15"/2.7/16GB/512GB

    bought on 24 April 2013, package received 26 April

    big outter box says 2013/03/09, serial decoder says - Production week: 10 (March)





    So far, without any problems, no IR at all.

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    Hi guys,
    I have a quick question to anyone that got the screen replaced. Has anyone managed to get a nice white screen, without heavy yellow tint? I had replaced my screen twice and twice got a very very yellow Samsung. Is there any sense in having another screen replacement?

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    Have you tried going into color management and running the advance color management setup? You can set the white level. Not sure, but I have an LG screen and it was slightly yellow before the configuration but perfectly white after setting it up.


    The other thing, ghosting has gotten substantially noticeable on my mackbook now. Spoken with senior advisor and was told to try running the screensaver for a few hours so will give that a try. Here's a video of how bad it's gotten since not being present at all initially in just over a week.


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    After 2 screen replacements and second laptop replacement I finally won the lottery:





    Nice screen with no sign of IR, colours look pretty nice (not as yellow as 2 Samsung screens that I had when first LG was replaced) and everything working as it should. I hope this is the end of my story. In about 2 weeks I'm going for another big photography assigment so I will have opportunity to test it in field.

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    Yes, I did try to calibrate and it helps a bit, but it still feels not really perfect, a bit like 'faking' the colors. Its hard to 'de-yellow' the screen without loosing other aspects...

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    As far as I know the early 2013 models (especially the 13") also have display issues. A got my 5th model before I gave it up and asked for refund. I am waiting now for the new models in summer.

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    How long did you have the laptop before you were able to ask for a full refund?


    Currently I have one of the first batch MBPr made. its a 2.7GHz/16 GB Ram/512 GB / Mid 2012. My computer was in the first batch of custom retina laptops, ordered on the day it was announced.


    I just checked my screen and it is an LG screen. My friend, who also has the same specs as mine, told me about the class action case that LG screens ghost. I thought it was just me that was experiecing this, and when I asked a rep at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, he said "its normal, and youre the first generation of early adoptees, we rely on you to report problems."


    Also, my computer has been glitching a lot lately. Whenever something opens, it glitches. I have not been able to give my laptop up because I use it heavily for school work.


    When I finish finals in Mid May I was looking to get either the entire laptop replaced, or ask for a refund. How did you finally get a full refund granted?