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  • Canuck1970 Level 1 Level 1

    nishantvats wrote:


    "Severe and seemingly permanent burn-in on my Samsung Panel!!"


    You're 100% sure that you have a Samsung panel? Please post a screenshot of the terminal after you run the command.

  • alex-affonso Level 1 Level 1

    I have a MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2012 bought last October. Since last week I started to notice the IR issue while working with Illustrator. I use to let images around pages, at pasteboard, so I can think and compose my designs easely. Sadly when I took some of the images from the pasteboard, the ghosts were there and stayed there for a long time. I thought it was something to do with Illustrator, but soon discovered such huge problem with rMBP.

    The I ran some tests to prove I had a IR problem. And it is indeed.


    I bought my rMBP at USA but I live in Brazil, so I called the brazillian Apple support. It was terrible. The Genius guy told me it was a common problem with IPS panel and he could do nothing to help me. It's hard to believe that it's a common problem to IPS panel when I used to work only with IPS panels and never faced something like that, nor with Eizo nor with Dell monitors. And what makes me angry is that it's a top class laptop used mainly in production and such issue ruins my designs. There's no way to work with ghosts all over the place.


    The Genius guy provided me links to Apple solutions for IR, LOL. When will the screensaver or monitor sleep solve my problem if it's persistent while I work with professional softwares like Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects, all of them with default dark interfaces.


    I'll try to reach some technical shop licensed by Apple here at Brazil (since there's no official Apple Store by here) to see if they can understand that it's really a problem and request a monitor replacement. But I must confess I'm afraid of the Samsung one too, because the topics about it's yellow and light screen issues.


    Following is a screenshot of my screen after 4 minutes running a video render at background while creating a Illustrator pasteboard to start some new compositions. The shot display the IR issue clearly and it's unacceptable the excuses given by Apple telling us that it's the way it is and that it's normal after all.


    I'll keep you posted above the solutions, if I get lucky with it. It seems that here at Brazil Apple don't listen and don't answer to it's clients, although here we have the highest prices for it's products in the world!




    Captura de Tela 2013-05-17 às 13.27.35.png

  • nishantvats Level 1 Level 1

    Absolutely positive Canuck. I went through two purchases in order to make sure that I received a Samsung panel in the first place! Here's a screenshot. I wa just as shocked as I am guessing you are when I noticed the IR.




    Further development to report is that the IR did disappear - almost an hour and a half after I first noticed it. It hasn't reared its ugly head since, but now I know that there is some fundamental technology flaw and that it might reappear again at some point. And I don't know how bad or permanent it is going to be.

  • nishantvats Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunate part is, I can't even go to Apple Care now because in this case, the IR doesn't seem to be as easily reproducible as it is in the case of LG panels.


    Frankly, I haven't had the time to put the machine through any kind of "pressure test" to forcibly induce the IR - when I noticed it yesterday morning, it was after the computer had beeen plugged in for all of a fairly warm night, with the screen static on what was burned in, but the display had gone to sleep (am not sure if the way apple handles display sleep is by turning off the backlight, or turning off all the LCD pixel filters as well).


    Given the nature in which the IR manifested itself and the lack of a guaranteed method to reproduce it, I am not even sure if I will ever be able to go to Apple about this issue (or have them do anything about it even if I do), yet face its consequences every now and then in my work!

  • Clint P. Level 1 Level 1
    1. Bought the MBPr the day it went on sale. 
    2. IR/ghosting issue on LG Display started a few months ago.
    3. Had the display replaced yesterday. 
    4. Replacement was a Samsung display ( LSN154YL01001 DLM3132006WFDR6A8 ) now as I hoped.
    5. Becareful what you wish for...The Samsung display's color temperature is really warm (yellow).  But the real problem is that left-half is warmer than the right. I now see others are having the color inconsistency issue as well.


    Are all of the Samsung displays having issues with non-uniform color?  The color uniformity issue is worse than the ghosting since the ghosting only happened under certain conditions and went away after a few minutes.

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    Hello everyone,

    I need some advice from experts here. Recently I purchased rMBP from a reputed online retailer for a very good discount since it was a customer return unit hence termed 'used'.


    However on opening it was a brand new unit. On booting up the first thing I did was check the maker of the screen. Unfortunately it is LG with the model number  LP154WT1-SJA1. This is a brand new February 2013 release 15 inch Macbook pro retina with 18GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

    I have run the Image retention test several times as recommended on this site  So far the test has been negative.


    My question is do I return the unit since SJA1's were the trouble maker displays or wait and watch. I have one month time to return if I am not satisfied.


    Please help


  • bridgendmac Level 1 Level 1

    Apple are at it again. There was a whole page of discussions around IR issues which I discussed in page 521, this has been deleted by apple. My rMBP defnitely going back. What is the point in having a forum where the posts are being deleted left and right. Neutrality is long gone I guess.

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    Had terrible IR for the past few months, although havent replaced due to school. Ontop of that my Hard Drive is failing (freezing and clicking)


    I also have several minor issues (squeky backspace, loose keys, creaking etc..)


    This is on a brand-new August 2012 rMBP.


    What a joke.


    Anyway, do you reckon if I mention all these issues to a 'Genius' they would just replace the whole unit instead of replacing the screen, replacing the hard drive etc...


    Many Thanks.

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1

    I don't understand how your hard drive can be "clicking"??  It's an SSD and there are absolutley no moving parts in it.  As for freezing, try using the disc utility to test, repair permissions and / or diagnose issues.  It is extremely rare to have an SSD 'freeze' it's more likely something in the OS or other software.

  • oSBKo Level 1 Level 1

    Im not familiar with the difference between SSDs and Harddrives so thats reassuring to here.


    Every few days the screen and mouse freeze. I hear a clicking noise from the machine and have to force power down the machine and restart it. I ran both disk utility and the hardware test and both came back clean.


    I was wondering if the audio may be stuttering when the freeze happens however it happened today and defintely sounded like a soft 'clicking' was coming from inside rather than from the speakers.


    I posted a thread on it here:

  • FatMac>MacPro Level 5 Level 5

    oSBKo wrote:

    ...Every few days the screen and mouse freeze. I hear a clicking noise from the machine and have to force power down the machine and restart it. I ran both disk utility and the hardware test and both came back clean...

    There are very few moving parts left in a rMBP (as jajaba points out, even the "drive" doesn't move any more, being solid state rather than rotating) but there are fans inside and if they aren't working properly, your Mac could be overheating. One way to find out is with Temperature Gauge in the App Store, which will show not only your Mac's internal temperatures but the speed the fans are spinning at.

  • oSBKo Level 1 Level 1



    Ill download it and see, however the fans have seemed to be working perfectly fine, be it playing heavy games or video editing.


    2/3 times has been just watching YouTube videos

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1

    You may want to download a free app called 'flash stopper' from the app store, it will 'kill' all active flash player uasage.  Flash video is notorious for causing problems, especially if you leave multiple tabs open in safari that have activated a flash player, flash also uses a lot of RAM when tabs are left open after playback.  It could be a simple problem of low available RAM.  Try closing ALL apps and restarting, then run flash stopper > Kill All Flash.  See if the issue still persists.

  • oSBKo Level 1 Level 1

    Dont want to unrail the thread to much, so I will report back in the next few days. Thanks for the information, given me some piece of mind.

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    I must agree with you bidgendmac. I had already replied to your question about the week my rMBP was produced. According to the Apple Serial Number Info website, mine one was produced back in October, 2012. I bought it at October 31, 2012. And just after 7 months of use it started to show the IR problem. And it's getting worst day after day.


    I don't know if there's any other website you can look for such information. I just provided my serial number and it popped out a lot of info about my hardware and it's production week too.