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    Good question (above). I don't know but the recent posts of denials about

    the problem had me search for this picture of 'ghosts' on rMBP.


    I don't know what screen it is -- but some folks certainly having issues.

    macbookghost (1).jpg

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    Is this a big problem? I want a Retina Display Macbook Pro but I will not stand for this kind of problem when Im spending this much money. Im thinking I might just get a MacBook Air with 256gb SSD and 8gb or Ram with i5 processor if this issue isnt fixed

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    Will37 wrote:



    Are the images noticable on lighter backgrounds? How long do they persist? And is there a way to make them fade faster?


    Hi Will,


    The image retention was less noticeable on perfect white and less noticeable on complete black, but I could easily see the outline of webpages on almost everything else. For instance, I could see text from an email on the Galaxy desktop wallpaper. The IR would appear within 5 minutes and would take at least that long to go away. If I had an image up for 30 minutes, it would take about 10 to 15 minutes for it to go away. I couldn't find any way to make it fade faster, although I suspect that ambient room temperature might make a difference. Of course, gray was the worst for revealing the IR issue. For instance, iPhoto, Garage Band, Airport Utility, etc, which all prominently use gray in their window layouts, made it glaringly obvious that there was a problem.


    The bottom-line: Image Retention is just not acceptable in a 21st century display. Period.


    I'm just glad that my Samsung replacement Retina LCD panel doesn't have the IR issue, nor the other Samsung-specific defects that some people have mentioned on this thread.



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    Went to apple store yesterday, 27th May 2013 on Regents Street in London.



    Didnt have photos of my screen to show the Image retention/persistence but went none the less..



    Didnt actually know about their IR test, so i started to explain i would need to leave a window open for 5-10 mins for him to see the problem. He said he needs to run the IR test and only if it verifies the IR can he do anything about it..



    I said okay.. after running test three times.. nothing. Couldnt see any ghosting on black so he told me there is no problem.



    Nothing they can help me with. Why do this test under ten fluorescent strip lights in the ceiling and the glare of daylight etc..?


    Im a photographer, i work in a darkened space, grey back ground and IR is constant.. all day long.

    I reply ..Oh, so i dont have a problem with my £1800.- laptop? 

    I took time off work to show APPLE the IR and need a new screen although im leaving the uk in a few days and need it fixed asap!


    ....'There is no IR sir..'

    What can i say to that?


    I am a Apple share holder, have been since it was at $35.. I am loyal apple freak, i own an iMac, iPad, iPhone, laptop retina.. $$$$ ..and they tell me i dont have a problem with a clearly visible issue to me.


    I rely on my equipment to work.. ghosting is a ***** with photos on screen.. no i cant activate the screen saver every 10minutes..


    Im shooting images of my screen now and will have to go back to cement my case. Totally un acceptable from apples part to shoo me away like that. I was a bit shocked to be honest with that nonchalant attitude to a critical part of my equipment, workflow.


    The genius told me to buy AppleCare. So instead of acknowledging my issue he started to try and sell me a product!



    Please advise! ASAP!

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    Thanks Canuck.


    You made it very clear that this is a real problem that needs to be acknowleged by Apple, and corrected in all displays with this issue.



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    another +1 for IR on an LG display, swapped for a Samsung, issue is gone.


    I have a 2012 model rMBP and had a host of other issues; clicking fans, intermittent dropped bluetooth / WiFi, intermittent keys locking up etc.


    The laptop passed the hardware and IR test at the Genius bar so I was expecting the "sorry can't help you" but they were kind enough to take it in for a screen and fan swap. The ticking fans are gone and the screen is great! The keyboard cutting out they couldn't duplicate so it remains to be seen how I deal with that. I will probably get AppleCare just to be safe.


    The Samsung is a bit more yellow than the LG screen but I actually prefer it. I see gradients on things now that I didn't notice on the LG screen.


    It can be frustrating but Apple has always done the right thing for me. Much better experience than dealing with a problematic Dell or HP.

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    shayster98 wrote:


    There's actually no evidence that SJA2 panels have image persistence. Been following this whole thread from its creation until now.


    Your comment has been bugging me since I read it last week, because I knew it was incorrect.


    SJA2 panels HAVE experienced IR...



    ...and, based on the delayed experience so far with many of the SJA1 panels, I think it's just a matter of time before more of the SJA2 panels start exhibiting image retention.

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    Do you know if 13" retina macbook pros have IR. I have been thinking of buying one.

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    info-hero wrote:




    That's awful!


    Can you provide some more details about your rMBP?


    Was it a mid-2012 or an early 2013?

    Is it using the SJA1 or SJA2 panel?

    How long have you owned it before you started noticing image retention?

    Once you started noticing IR, did it deteriorate gradually or quickly?


    Please let us know.



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    Went to apple store yesterday, 27th May 2013 on Regents Street in London.



    Didnt have photos of my screen to show the Image retention/persistence but went none the less..

    I took mine in to the same store on Wednesday. Mine was purchased November 2012 and had an LG week 42. They swapped it immediately and it was ready that evening although they allow for 3-5 days. As many others have said on this thread the Samsung that they have replaced it with is slightly yellow tintish in display as opposed to the more neutral and deeper blacks of the LG. Anyone out there lucky enough to have an LG without IR, keep it.


    I also had some issues with the rMBP but the genius did demonstrate that the battery is actually fine. I've had various issues with Apple equipment under warranty over the years and Apple are very good at replacing things in my experience.



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    my rmbp is mid-2012, not sure where to find SJA1 or 2 panel .. i looked in sys info.. cant find it.

    Bought it July or August 2012.

    Noticed probably in December.. since then its been about the same.. maybe the burn in is slightly stronger now with faster onset. window open after 10 mins leaves what you see in the image above.

    I use an imac, so my spendy laptop is only used for location work and non-essential image work.

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    I just get back my MBPr from a replacement of a LG SJ1 with death pixels on the middle of the screen. The planets align for me and I've got back a Samsumg panel LSN154YL01001.


    Any known issue about these series of panels? Certainly, I'm watching the screen a little bit less "vivid", but I can't be sure without the LG just together...

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    Hi, thought i would share my experience as i too have suffered from the IR on macbook pro retina 2012, LG Display. Basically i noticed when browsing safari when i minimised i would get the ghosting. So i booked a genuis appointment, got there and showed the apple employee and he noticed. So he said yeah we heard about this, i can clearly see the "ghosting" but theres a test we have to run and if it passes we cannot replace. So he runs the test and even though there is ghosting and he can cleary see it, my macbook passess. He said to me, they cannot replace it, and if im not happy with the laptop then basically this laptop is not the laptop for me. I told him i was not happy, as i have paid £1800 for the laptop and i happen to have a LG display which has the ghosting and i want a samsung display. I explained to him why people should have to suffer the ghosting while other people have the samsung displays. I then asked him would he be happy if he had the ghosting on his macbook and he said no he would ask for it replaced too. So after being told they wont replace it and there is nothing they can do even tough they can see the problem i demanded to speak to the manager, he refused to let me speak to the manager personally but he went out the back to see him, he then came back and said they will replace it for me ONLY this one time and if it comes back with ghosting then there is nothing they can do about it. Luckily when i received it back the screen was a samsung display and im not having any ghosting. Its not fair that people pay that amount of money for a top product, and apple basically having to say its a pot luck draw if you get either screen.