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    This is a problem in wires of the screen behind the left speaker, there's another topic about this, you should go to a genius bar, show him and ask for a screen replacement..

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    Just to share information:

    a week a go I purchased a 15" MacBookPro10,1 from Apple refurbished store, it has LG display version 2  - no image retention so far.

    The screen generally is out of this world, and the laptop is so light and fast, very happy with the purchase.

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    Good luck pauldeg, it took about 6 months for my LG screen to start showing the signs and its progressively gotten worse. It's at the store being replaced right now, crossing my fingers for a Samsung.

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    I thought you all would find it amusing that the Genius today informed me that our "ghosting" issue is like a hyped up urban legion (like the Loch Ness Monster).  (and ironically, his name was Casper) lol


    Having to find something to laugh at in this stressful situation.

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    Did you guys see that?



    IPS technology is prone to ghosting, it's not Apple specific issue.

    IMO it's a small price to pay for such stunning image quality that we get in Retina displays.

    BTW the topic title is not correct - ghosting is NOT "burn-in", there is no burn-in in IPS displays.

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    I would be completely accepting of this statement if the following were true:

    -If Apple had included this disclaimer in the product documentation

    -If every display acted the same way (if it is the nature of the technology)

    -if the displays didn't  progressively get worse over time.


    The calling it burn in was corrected by the forum early on, but remains the title of the thread, however I fear that with the rate mine was progressing, over time it would have become burn in.


    Lastly,  setting a screen saver for fifteen minutes would not have solved my problem. It took less then five minutes to create significant ghosting on my "passing* machine. 


    Thanks for trying to help, but any way you look at it, there are some displays with issues and Apple should stand behind their product instead of always trying to make their customers feel guilty for expecting their product to meet the same quality standards that Apple is known for.



    Thank you,


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    Anyway, I've been using a Sammy rMBP since last Nov when I got my 4th replacement so this is really an update.


    In my past encounters, I was exhausted going through the hassles of getting apple to replace the displays for me.  In my 4th replacement (5th display) that i accepted, it looked ok. Not yellowish.  However, I did not notice some greyish patches on the screen until I've used it for a week when I was working on an image set against a predominantly white background.  It was most obvious when the background is white.


    I had already lost valuable time in the entire unfruitful exercise and I convinced myself to move on and forget about it until ...


    7 months later, the enter key started to squeak like a mouse every time I pressed it.  And given that I uses an external keyboard when I am working on my desk, which was most of the time, the fault could not have come from wear and tear. So with about 2 months warranty left, I decided that it is time to fix the squeaking problem as well as the display flaw(again).  But I do want to highlight that in the 7 months of usage, I DID NOT ENCOUNTER ANY GHOSTING ISSUE that I had with my first display, an LG.  However people call it ghosting or burn in or blame it on "IPS technology" is moot because the fact remains that Sammy displays did not have this type of problem.


    I have no advice for fellow folks deciding on what to do with their "faulty" displays.  For me, I've paid what I considered to be premium price and so I demand the standards.  If you had watched Tim cook's sales pitch when the rMBP first launched (2012 keynote), you'll understand what I mean.


    So, now, I'm getting Apple to fix it again.

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    Interested to know if the folks in this thread believe Apple Care to be worth purchasing?


    I'm worried more problems will pop up down the line.

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    If you live in California are you have a year to return a faulty product

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    oSBKo wrote:


    Interested to know if the folks in this thread believe Apple Care to be worth purchasing?


    I'm worried more problems will pop up down the line.


    I normally wouldn't, especially for Apple products, but I decided to opt for the 3-year coverage when I bought my rMBP simply because this model is much harder to repair if something goes wrong (i.e. SSD soldered to the board, not a removable unit). However, in light of the IR issue, I'm even more glad I did.


    Now, if Apple would just fix this issue so that I can rest a bit easier, I'd be happy. I (now) have a great machine, with a flawless Samsung display, and no IR, but what if something were to happen it and I needed a replacement? Would I be as lucky?

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    Should I buy a revised one or wait for the new retina ? Or forget about retina, and think about buying a new non retina macbook ?



    And what do you think about release date of the new macbook and macbook retina ?

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    I just started noticing some IR on my SJA1 yesterday.  It was only really apparent on a grey background, but it was bad enough that I could read text word for word after about a minute or two. I took it in to the Genius Bar today and showed him the problem.  He saw it right away with my grey background, but after running the official 4 minute test we didn't see anything.  The reason for this is the test runs for 3 minutes with a checkerboard pattern then 1 minute with a dark grey/blackish background.  If the pattern remains visible after that 1 minute duration they consider it a "Fail".  We could see the pattern right away after 3 minutes but it did slowly fade away to nothing by the time that minute was up.  He went back to discuss it with a manager and came back to tell me they'll replace the display.  So apparently Apple's official stance is that the image needs to remain for longer than 1 minute on a dark background.  Personally I don't think this is fair and any image retention is enough for a fail.  Fortunately they were willing to replace the display anyway.


    I checked their 3 floor models and they were all running Samsung displays.  I didn't see any obvious yellowish tinting or color disparities, so I'll be happy with a Samsung. I'll post the result when I get it back.

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    How long does it take to replace the display? I have some IR issues as well, but I use my macbook for daily work.

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    I just got mine back and it's another SJA1.  I checked it for IR right there in the store and it exhibited the same behavior.  I saw the ghosting after just a couple minutes.  I think I'm just going to hold onto it for a little while and maybe opt for another replacement near the end of my warranty.  Maybe they'll get the technology right after a couple months.  At least I've still got my bright whites and dark blacks.

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    Hey Chingas,


    I just turned my rMPB into Apple today and they had an estimate that it would take around 3-5 days to do a repair on my laptop


    Not to go too off topic but I was wondering about anyones experience when they get back their laptop from the Apple Geniuses; were they given back in the same condition? I'm really worried as I babied my laptop for the one year I've had it so far xD