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  • mossmaidi Level 1 Level 1

    How can you tell if it's an SJA2 or SJA1 display?  I'm assuming the SJA2 is the newer LG display, correct?

  • Bobi1 Level 1 Level 1

    I checked it using terminal command.


  • THeuving Level 1 Level 1

    What are the experiences of Apple customers regarding the Image Retention issue?
    I have been busy corresponding with Apple through phone, email and letters, still it's not beeing replaced.

    While my MBPR has got a broken left speaker, broken videocard (mainboard) and the faulty display, they only want me to bring in the laptop and fix it. Leaving me a week, maybee 2 without laptop, thus I won't be able to work.

    At the moment I'm frustrated and started to hate Apple for keeping me in the dark for over 2 months now...


    I've been reading that customers in the USA get a replacement without any problems, is this also the case for some of the EU / Dutch customers?

  • tkxdev Level 1 Level 1

    Got mine faulty one replaced 3 times by Apple Care via UPS. Bought mine when it came out, the whole process took a bit more than a month then.. I think I gave it all back for a refund in September 2012 - and that was 3 months after I bought it. That all happened in Germany.


    Btw, they sent me the replacement machine always before I sent back the faulty one, so that I could always backup and move my stuff to the new machine.


    Customer Service trough Apple Care was very polite and nice.


    Don't know why you're having such problems with your machine and Apple.

  • THeuving Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your reply, did you have to contact the mainoffice in Ireland? Or did Apple care Germany help you?


    Of course, Applecare is very polite and understanding. They say that they realy want to help me, but can't because of the procedures that are in place. There must be different rules in effect in Germany, I guess..

  • tkxdev Level 1 Level 1

    I ordered my MBP online trough the Apple website, so all was handled trough Apple Care. In Fact when I went to the store, they seriously told me they could not handle it because I bought my MBP online.


    I just called Apple Care, I think I took the number from the german website, and that was it.

    I assume you are from the netherlands? I don't think there's much difference, but since you didn't buy it online (I assume) you won't get that help from Apple Care..

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    I bought it at the official Apple Store in Amsterdam, so not through a reseller.


    I just got off the phone with Applecare, I talked to 1st line support, who connected me to 2nd line.

    He told me that the contact person I had contact with earlier, is not working at that department anymore. So the calls I made and emails send over about 40 days, weren't read.

    The guy was trying to be very helpfull but the outcome is the same, I need to hand in the laptop to get it repared, thus I won't be abble to work for 1 or 2 weeks.

    Obviously I'm not happy with that, so he connected me with his teamleader, who told me that it's economical and ecological liable to just replace the machine. He didn't ask a single question, in high speed he told me Apple's point of view and that's that.


    Utterly dissapointing.


    txdev, did you ever hand in your laptop for repairs? They told me that they need to have at least 1 chance to repair it properly. If problems still exist, they go for replacing, and only then.

  • tkxdev Level 1 Level 1

    It went like this: The Apple Care guy said, I should go to the store to verify the defect. I went there and they did saw the ghosting / IR there, but in the Apple Store they said they couldnt replace the MBP as it was ordered online. Got back home and phoned with Apple Care, they said they would send out a replacement device. A week or so later I got that replacement and to my surprise that new display had a severe yellow tint.

    I went to the retail store and the guy said yeah it is yellow, but a superior had to decide whether they could do something... That superior said the colors were "fine".. I argued with him and later on he admitted that he was sort of color-blind/weak on yellows.

    Went back home, and after some weeks IR developed again.. Called Apple Care and they replaced it again, this time with a Samsung display - no IR with that display BUT it had a severe pink tint.. That was worse than the yellowish screen, so I completely gave up on the MBP and continue to work with my old 2008 MBP. I am waiting for the next revision of this machine.


    Just checked my emails, bought the first/inital MBP on 12.06.2012, got it on the 29th

    had it until the 23rd of July when I noticed the IR, got the second MPB on 31st of July, IR developed again , got the third replacement 13th of September... Later on I got the refund as I was not happy with that tint.

    All in all Apple Care via phone was very good and helpful even though unfortunately the MBPs were not.


    So maybe a tip for you, go to the store, let them confirm the errors and let them create a "report" and get that number. Tell that number to the guy at Apple Care and ask them for a replacement machine.

    Maybe your MBP is too old now, mine was just some weeks old.. maybe that's the difference?

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    My wife and I bought our first rMBP last week, and while we've owned iPads and iPods, this is our first experience with OS X. Could someone please tell me how to do the terminal command operation to see which screen we have? I tried a couple of days ago, but it said the command was invalid/error, whatever. I bought "MacBook Pro for Dummies" but there must be a quick way to execute this command. THANKS!

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    I think you're asking too much for a replacement.  It's very much the norm to turn in your computer to Apple while they work on it.  Its certainly the exception that they give you a new machine.  That normally doesn't happen until you've had 3 repairs prior.  If you're going to be put behind in work then you'll need a backup computer of some sort.  Clone your hard drive and boot from it.  You could also try giving it to Apple on a Friday and ask that they expedite the repair.  They might have it done by Monday.

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    if you search for terminal in your launchpad or spotlight search ( magnifier on the top right hand side ) you would be able to find it.

    once opened copy and paste the following in the window and press enter:


    ioreg -lw0 | grep "EDID" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    you would see either of these:




    the one starting with LP means your display panel is built by LG. they come in two variants: SJA1 and SJA2 which stand for first and second generation of the panels.

    LSN indicates that your dislpay panel is built by Samsung.


    based on my own hands-on experience all the LGs have or will develop Image Retention ( IR ) while the Samsung ones do not show any signs of such problem.




    P.S. this command only works on 15" macbook pro retina. I have no idea about the 13" one.

  • FrankB1191 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the 13" model, and after entering the command you gave, it simply said Color LCD. According to serial #, this is an early 2013 model. I did try the chessboard pattern test, and there weren't any signs of IR (my ipad 4 DOES show IR for about 15 minutes, but I've only seen it with the chessboard test).

  • Bobi1 Level 1 Level 1

    I see, Basically I could not find anything for 13" as of yet on the internet.
    anyway, a more proper way of testing you macbook pro for image retention is to test it under extreme conditions. I mean for example use a 3D benchmark app run it in the background and run the checkboard test simultaneously for 10-20 mins.

    immediately switch to a grey background afterwards.

    I don't know exactly why but it seems when machine is heated up, image retention issues can be detected easier.

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    Just to add my experience to this thread.  My 15" MBP Retina (Mid'12) just started having retention issues about 3 weeks ago.  I brought it to the Apple Store.  They ran their test on it and came back saying it "passed" and there was nothing they could do for me,  "it was within spec." Yet I was able to show them where a single window would burn onto my desktop in minutes.   They basically said sorry since it passed the test they couldn't help me.  They sent me home saying I should call the Apple Care Center to speak with them.  The following day I made a phone call and within 20 minutes I had a work order to replace my screen.   The tech did mention that even with my new screen there is still no guarantee  this issue won't return on the replacement display down the road though.


    Long story short. Call Apple and complain if you feel you have a valid problem.

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    I called Apple today after testing my screen and they were really helpful as to issue a replacement for me however they told me they cannot guarantee that my new machine would come with a Samsung display.

    I currently am using a retina macbook pro ( mid 2012) with a samsung display and I needed one for my work as well so I ordered and ended up with an LG.

    I am waiting now for my replacement, fingers crossed.