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    iheartapple1970 wrote:


    the issue mentioned here is referred to as image "ghosting" apple does have a support article that tells how to resolve this particular issue. following is the link to that article:



    hope this helps those who have been affected by this.



    I haven't been affected by image retention on my 2012 15" Retina MacBook Pro but I feel the need to critque this document.


    "This is normal behavior for an IPS display"


    — If it's normal, then why don't I see image retention on my Samsung 154YL01001? (It's yellow, instead.)



    "You can also use a screen saver to make sure that a static image isn't on the display for long periods of time."


    — I use my Mac to make iPhone apps which means I have Xcode on the screen for long periods of time. Are they saying that I should have the screen saver kick in every minute to clear the screen and interrupt my work? That wouldn't even work if you're constantly typing.

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    iheartapple1970 wrote:


    the issue mentioned here is referred to as image "ghosting" apple does have a support article that tells how to resolve this particular issue. following is the link to that article:



    hope this helps those who have been affected by this.


    Do you really imagine that after 536 pages in that this OLD article that was posted months ago hasn't been found and shot down several times over and over. I simply call the article ridiculous as calling it what it really is would get my post deleted.


    Pretty much everything that needs to be said by victims of rmbp's with LG panels and subsequent further victimization by apple staff in stores when trying to get those panels fixed,  has been said.


    People should spend a little time and READ. Nothing has changed, NOTHING. Apple/LG have fixed NOTHING.


    Again, 1, if it's normal, why are samsungs not suffering from the same problem? 2, if it's normal, why are they LG's usually not showing IR from the start? 3, if it's normal, and more interesting to me recently, why is Apple FIXING, LG rmbp's that are brought in with IR with Samsung panels? That is, when they choose to be ethical and FIX the defective rmbp's with LG panels.

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    Another ridiculous notion that the ghosting issue is unavoidable.  I have a 2560x1600 30in dell IPS monitor and there have been literally no issues or complaints at all w this monitor that has been on the market for a couple years now. 


    Ghosting is not a universal issue w IPS technology.  That assertion is completely false and should be take at face value for what it is; a lie. 


    Again, Appleis being run by a bunch of corporate shareholders who don't have any idea what they're doing,


    The constant frivolous lawsuits apple files against their most premium quality component supplier; Samsung, is why Samsung is reducing the amount of component parts they will supply to Apple. 


    Which is why Apple is going to continue to rely on LG and their crap screen displays; and is why in turn Apple's official policy is to deny that this is even a valid, genuine complaint. 


    Truth be told I sold my MBPr last week and I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER APPLE PRODUCT EVER AGAIN!

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    I have the same issue, I just purchase my Macbook pro Corei7 retina 15”, and I send it back to Tec support and hopefully expect that they change my machine with a brand new one, or get a total refund. I can’t believe that I spend over 3000 USD in this machine and its already giving mi so much trouble. I want my money back.

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    Its been several months since I last posted but I was finally able to get my 15" retina screen replaced and thought I should post a follow up.


    It took two trips to two different Apple stores but I finally have a perfect Samsung screen. The first trip was to the same Apple store that originally denied my replacement. Events unfolded nearly identically to my first visit (which I will not recount here since you can just read my first post) except this time the manager was even ruder and less helpful. She even went so far as to tell me that I shouldn't believe everything I read on the internet after I showed her this thread. I was so disgusted by the treatment I received at that Apple store I decided I would never buy another Apple product again.


    A few months later I decided to try again this time at another Apple store. Initially things went well. The genius looked at my screen and said, "That's not right we'll get that fixed." He walked into the back and stayed there for a long time. When he came back he said, "I have to run a test." He ran the dreaded Apple test (which is impossible to fail) and determined that it was not broken. This time however I was able to convince him to (reluctantly) replace the screen.


    The  whole experience left me with a very bad taste in my mouth regarding Apple products and the company as a whole. I switched to Apple almost 6 years ago after dealing with useless foreign customer service from another company. Compared to this ordeal with Apple that experience was almost pleasurable. Even though I was able to get the situation resolved the horrible treatment I received from Apple customer service guarantees that this Mac is the last Apple product I will ever purchase.

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    The Apple test is not impossible to fail, though it is very hard to fail. My rMBP 15 actually failed. Since it was out of warranty Apple initially wanted $710 to fix it, after I argued with a manager for 45 min ~ 1 hour, they dropped the price to $310. I did get a Samsung replacement and iota appears to have no problems.

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    Update: no, they did not. Even though they apparently resolved the artifacts and the "turning off by its own" issues by replacing the MoBo (apparently as I'm still testing it right now), the ghosting is still there. I'm sending it back as soon as possible, but I'm very disappointed honestly. Waiting another 10 days for the warranty to do what it has to do is inadmissible for me as I use the laptop to study and it's causing me a lot of troubles. This is downright annoying.

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    Hi!  I got a flickering problem and they will probably change the screen.  Do you know actually if the LG screen still have ghosting problem ?

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    As of this date from what has been posted in this forum ALL LG screens have a ghosting problem or will develope one.

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    Most replacement screens have been Samsung, some of those have other issues such as color, but there is no guarantee that your replacement screen will be Samsung. But anechdotal evidence from the posts here suggest that it is likely, if you replace the screen only, it will be Samsung.

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    Just to add to this: My mid 2012 MBPr 15 inch with a LG LCD developed 4 vertical stripes and I got a replacment LCD. It is from Samsung (LSN154YL01001).


    I don't see any difference from my old LG screen. Both LCDs are/were tremendous, and I never had noticable ghosting either.



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    I just picked up my 15" MBPr from Regent's Street Apple Store in London (it only took 1 day to fix it) and now I've got a Samsung screen. I still didn't have much time to test it, but certainly this Samsung screen is a bit warmer than LG (without having applied any specific screen calibration profile), which I wouldn't say is better or worse, just different

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    ok.  Because, for the moment, I can't do repair my computer. I leave far away to an Apple Store, an because I leave in canada, if I can't go to an Apple Store or third-party store, I can't have raparations :(  I wait for an answer of an Apple Store to do an exception for me (the store, not Apple_

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    bradsop, can you give me some more details about the color issues with the replacement samsung displays? i just had my original display replaced because of banding issues, and the new samsung display they installed has poorer contrast/colors.


    here is the thread i just started in regards to that issue:


    if this is a real problem, i want a replacement, especially since i paid $700+ for an out of warranty repair.

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    I paid $310, as far as I can tell the Samsung that I received as a replacement for my LG wit IR has no issues. It might be warmer than the LG but I can't tell. The color issues tend to range from a warmer screen than the LG to a yellow Hue and are documented in this forum. I have not changed any settings and I do not have a Yellow hue.  Read through this forum for other people's experiences.