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    "Haswell" is the codename of the latest (4th) generation of Intel processors that were released this year. The new Macbook Pro (MBP) released last October has the new Intel processors built in, so it is also called Haswell MBP. Haswell MBP is just another name for the latest generation of Macbook Pros ;-)

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    My apologies - I got mixed up between the 001 and A01 revisions. Samsung's model code revisions are a little more subtle than LG's!

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    Thank you.

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    Way back in October 2012, I went through 3 different 15" retina MBP. All had LG and all had obvious image retention issue. I even ordered the top of the line to no avail. I was disappointed because of the fact that I had to go through the futile endeavor and exercise of the hit and miss opportunity to actually talked to a real genius not just somebody who wears that white logo.


    I gave up and instead got me a hi-res, non retina model, maxed out memory to 16 GB, ripped the optical drive out and outfitted it with 2-512 SSD. And I was happy. Everytime I had an itched of getting retina macbook pro, all I had to do is visit this site to remind me of the pain that I went through.


    About five days ago, I finally had the courage and went to the Apple Store to get the Haswell model. I observed it for days and did not see and sign of image retention.


    Screen was on the warmer side but nothing that cannot be fixed using native calibration Color Sync application. I set the Gamma to 2.2 and White Point to 6850K and went through the squinting process (6500K Native was too warm and 7000K has already a blue cast).


    Avoiding running the terminal command, afraid of being shock with disappointment, I nevertheless did!


    And I was surprised. It turned out to be:


    Color LCD



    I do not know what A01 means but I am satisfied. Not perfect but...

    Moral of the story. Any body with Smsung screen with warm cast, just calibrate it. Hope this helps

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    scottpcs wrote:


    At the very least, LG seem to have solved their IR problem but at the expense of uniformity it seems.


    How do you figure? People are still complaining about IR, even with the latest models and if it's true that LG now have the yellow inconsistent tint, then things have gotten even worse for LG it would seem since the yellowing was only being seen with the Samsungs originally.

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    DomdiDom wrote:


    if it's true that LG now have the yellow inconsistent tint, then things have gotten even worse for LG it would seem since the yellowing was only being seen with the Samsungs originally.


    I can say that I have a yellowish-brownish even tint (not a gradient or region) on my late-2013 15" Retina MacBook Pro with an LG display model LP154WT1-SJE1. Looks very much like my last Samsung LSN154YL01001 on the mid-2012. I haven't checked the LG for image retention yet.

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    I use the words 'seem to have solved' in LG's case as the general consensus on here of late is that the SJE1 revision screens don't have the IR issue. This time last year, just about ALL the original SJA1 screens by LG had the IR issue.


    Whatever you believe or interpret from this thread, the problems for LG would appear to be even worse this year, should the uneven tinting prove to be commonplace.

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    but i think compared to the 2012's there were less people seeing the IR. or maybe its still too early to conclude..


    im still waiting for the haswell MBPs to reach my country. i guess ill just have to try my luck.


    my only problem is for the tinting - there are several photos posted here but i dont seem to see the "eneven" tinting (i think its my eyes that has the problem)

    or would it appear more obvious if im seeing the actual screen?


    BTW what tests do you need to do upon purchase of the MBPs -  both in store and when you test it at home - i know the IR tests but how about the screen tinting / uneven tint test?

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    have a SJE1 panel. nice colors and no problems. i havent tested for ghosting/IR but i cant see it when im working. i might test it in the soon close future but i am using alof of photoshop or 3d stuff and ive not seen anything yet. last time i bought a mac was in august 2012 and ir showed up after a week or two. ive had this for a week now. will be on watch.


    colors are nice, havent tested it but it looks incredibly nice.

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    Guys, what tool or app do I need to see what panel I have build in?

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    Hi sorry for my english


    I have MBPRetina 2012, it had a LG SJE1, 2weeks ago i decided change thge display because several IR (ghosting). The first change was a samsung with yellow tint and i don´t accept. They change (or that is they told me) and now i have a LG SJE2. But the point is that the display is a little yellow in compare with LG SJE1 (apple have one in the store).


    All this is weird and i think that they calibrate the display and also change the command. If i put the command to see if it´s lg or samsung, i see is LG sje2 but how is possible the display be a little yellow?


    Thank u

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    After a week, my rMBP is again at the service for a new screen.

    The LSN154YL01001 samsung screen have a yellow shadow in In the left top corner, if observed on black background and in dark room.

    The assistance talk me about some light infiltration on the screen from back, cause in some not well sealed LCD.

    They agree to change again the screen.

    Hope for better news.



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    This has certainly made me reconsider buying an rMBP.


    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.


    I don't really have enough confidence in Apple to be willing to part with $2500 for one of these.

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    I moved the matrix on macBook pro a1398 2012 with model LP154WT1-SJA1 on LSN154YL01-006 model,

    but the screen does not light up.

    What to do?

    With the new matrix is off lights, put back the old - lights. help me plz

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    I bought my 13'' Haswell retina MacBook Pro days ago, I've tested there's no burn-in issue any more. But I found another "uneven backlight" issue!


    Anyone has the same problem with me? You'd better be in a dark room and increase your screen brightness to test this.

    2013-11-13 005707.jpg