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    doonot wrote:


    The computer is now waiting for a new display and it takes about 2 weeks until they are done.


    I am really positivelly surprised by their customercare.


    Thank you very much Apple!


    Let us know if your replacement display is yellow tinted.

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    I've just noticed the same issue but i'm just out of warrantee... Wondering if Apple has recalled any of their retina display MBP seeing as this is a common issue or will make any allowances in this instance? Or, will I have to just suck it up...?


    Thank you for your help.

  • bewmIES Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    You'll have to suck it up.  If you're in the US, where we don't have strong consumer protection laws like the Swiss, Apple can acknowledge the problem then refuse to do anything about it because you're out of warranty.


    So much for Apple always "doing the right thing" -- lip service is cheap.



  • CT Level 6 Level 6 (17,365 points)

    Can't confirm.

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    I don't think it has much to do with consumer law in  Switzerland. I would think it depends on the store where you bought your Macbook Pro from.  Even if there is a consumer law applicable in the end you as a consumer are hitting a wall if the retailer turns out to be acting lame.


    No one knows how much Apple allows retailers to work under their own discretion while  dealing with warranty issues.


    I know for sure if I had a warranty issue I would not consult the idiots in Edinburgh; the sad thing is there is only one authorised dealer in Edinburgh.


    But it is simply pathetic from Apple to expect a consumer to pay repair costs for out of warranty issues. I expect a screen to outlast me and not the other way round! A laptop screen is not a bicycle chain that one is supposed to swap out after every 3000 miles.

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    I bought mine from the Apple store in Sydney, not a dealer. I know the Australian consumer laws covers you for an extra year on top of the Apple warrantee but this has just expired. I’m convinced the burn in my screen has been around for a while before my tech guy noticed it today.  I’ve registered the fault with Apple support and am waiting for a call from them in the morning.


    Will keep you posted.

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    Totally agree with your ‘outlasting me’ comment. This is why I paid top $ for this computer. Not for it to burnout after a year…

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    Just for our American fellows: we already pay 30% more in Europe for Apple products, e.g. the 15" Macbook Pro Retina costs £1700,- which translates to $2700. The current retail prices of the 15" are $2000,- according to the online store.


    Not sure  how much you pay in Australia. I know people will argue it all comes down to import duty and taxes and stuff like that. They may be comparatively cheaper in Switzerland (Switzerland and Norway draws one of the highest incomes in the wordl)  but middle class incomes in the UK+Europe and America are sort of similar. Just for the record.

  • Ju1cyfruit Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Regardless, this should be an issue Apple takes on themselves and not expect customers to pay, especially as their big sale spiel on MBP is how superior their retina display is. Well Apple, lets see how you back that up!

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    Hi all


    I'm planing on getting a 15 inch MBPr.

    Is the burn in issue still noticed on the late 2013 haswell models? Or has it been fixed?

    Don't feel like spending so much money if it's going to be hit and miss.

    Roughly, on the late 2013 15 inch models, what are the chances of falling on a bad screen?

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    Alright, I'm 2 hours in with my new 13" Retina MacBook Pro (late 2013), here's what I've got so far:


    - the display is A0020

    - no dead pixels( I had to use a magnifying glass ;P )

    - no sings of burn-in after 10 minutes of checkboard testing with gray afterview

    - backlight uniformity seems like a typical edgelit, blacks could be deeper though

    - it's bright, and whites are pretty white (not yellow, but not quite the iPhone level)


    I may have gotten used to Retina on my other devices by now, so maybe thats why I don't know whats the big deal... sure i'ts crisp, but it doesn't make the UIs look any better


    If the 'one display supplier for the 13 inchers' rumor is true, I'd say it's safe to buy...



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    Where did you lookup the display type/number?

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    Hi guys, I bought rMBP 15" (late 2013) 2 weeks ago.

    Is this normal or warranty case?

    Yellowness around the edges of the display on a black background.


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    Hey guys,


    how bad is this problem actually?

    I was planning to purchase a new Macbook Pro 15" for music production and image editing, but then I discovered this thread and some others about screwed up displays. It actually sounds like an absolutely unbearable problem which makes me wonder why people keep using Macbooks in the first place.

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    My understandig is: everything is fine as long as its fine.


    Most of us use the Macbook as a second computer. I would have second thoughts if I were to buy a Macbook as my prime machine. I found the following quite entertaining although I do not think the original poster of "What's your opinion on the MacBook Pro not being a professional's computer? " is a ***** (he has some valid points):




    But let me add the following in upper case letters : NOTHING BEATS MAC OS X! I am using Linux every day on my main desktop computer and workstations (scientist) but would never dream of using Linux on a laptop or recommending it to anyone for everyday use. Linux is unuseable for everything except scientific programming.