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    Mine is a 2.6 and is from week 15 (April). No burn in on the screen  but once every day for eight days it has restarted itself.


    I might start a seperate thread, becasue how come I have an eight day old model and it was manufactured in April? Could be that I am in the UK.

  • s.L.D.L. Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine is the 2.3 model stock configuration(week 26).


    Pretty easy to reproduce the issue:

    - Change the wallpaper to solid color - dark grey

    - make sure the screen won't turn off due to power saving(for at least 30 mins)

    - open safari, go to any page and stay there for 20-30 mins

    - hide the safari window, a ghost image is shown on the dark background, the area where used to be the safari address bar is the most obvious

    ( for me, setting the brightness to 7-8 bars makes the issue most obvious. And higher or lower the brightness makes the issue less obvious. So try to adjust the brightness while trying to reproduce the issue.)

  • itsamacthing Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)

    I wonder how many of these issues will be resolved with 10.8.  I don't know the details, but I have read that 10.8 has graphics technologies that will be optimized for the rMBP and other new macs.  It should be out this month, so that would be interesting to see.

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    The others maybe but not this one. This one is Image Retention or image persistance and it's directly related to the hardware(screen). I don't think they can fix it with a software update or even by upgrading to the Mountain Lion.

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    Your issue has nothing to do with ghosting.  It is more likely a hardware (or software) issue.  If re-installing the OS doesn't fix the problem for you, it's a hardware issue or a defect in the OS that a lot more people would be seing.  Assuming you haven't installed any software that may have introduced this problem, your best bet is to bring it to the genius bar, have them diagnose it, probably by doing rebuild of the OS, confirm that the problem still exists, and if so, give you a new Mac. 

  • Meh ward Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I did a test this morning, and I didn't see any signs of image retention. I hid the dock after the test, as this is the most persistant part of the UI, and saw no signs either. I hope this is somehow helpful.


    Production week: 25 (June)

    CPU speed: 2.3GHz


    I'm sorry to those who got a bad screen, I know how frustrating it is. Don't worry too much though, you can always get a replacement in a few months when all the bugs are iron out. Apple do have very good customer service.



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    I have just ordered my Macbook Pro Retina machine which is due to arrive at end of July. This was one of my worries on the screen burn and hence I called Apple. I went through to three different tech guys at Apple Care and they claimed that neither of them had any idea what this was as Apple internally had not reported or commented on any issues with the Macbook Pro screens.


    The Apple Care guys however all said that if there was a problem then take the machine back to Apple within 14 days of your purchase and they will have the equipment replaced. However, if you have a custom unit, you may need to wait around 4 or 5 weeks to get the replacement unit.


    Apple has been contacted a number of times with this problem, however they have failed to comment on this.


    It might be down to a batch of faulty screens or macbooks made on a Friday afternoon at 5pm (kidding).


    Anyway, I will still get mine, play around with it for a few days, if the burn appears I will take it back for a replacement.

  • aut0maticdan Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    oldmaster78, I think you posted to the wrong thread accidentally.  I've seen you over here as well:





    oldmaster78 wrote:


    The new one Week 25 has also survived all my tests ....I've been stress testing for the last 16 hours , The only way to replicate this problem is by having an application that will switch back from Nvidea to Intel graphic card ,


    I've managed to replicate the issue on the old machine using virtualbox software running unix in the background



    The new one has succuessfully passed all my tests, however we have someone reporting the same issue

    week 26 see comments above from s.L.D.L., so it could very well be that we all are still affected and the only way to know is when the graphic cards shifts during sleep mode.


    In that case I would assume that perhaps maybe apple would come up with new update or the new OS might fix this issue   I will keep it running for few days and update everyone.



  • aut0maticdan Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    So far, the display on my replacement unit is flawless.  I see no image retention whatsoever and certainly nothing like my returned unit.


    From my experience, this is not a widespread issue.  If you do have it, take your machine to a genius bar because it will only get worse.  The retina display is gorgeous!


    Whether or not it happens over time related to heat or something similar remains to be seen.  I'll post back if any issues come up on my new Macbook.

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    I spent most of the day resolving the burn-in issue I had with my rMBP. I gathered interestring information that i'm sharing with all of you.


    This morning I went to my local Apple Store Genius Bar to show the burn-in problem and try to get a replacement. I had called earlier this week to check if I could bring it to them even though I bought it at a Best Buy. They said that Apple do the support and I should bring it to them instead of Best Buy. So I went!


    The burn-in was really easy to reproduce on mine. Keep it 2-3 minutes on still text and swith to an empty grey screen. The text would be readable! The Genius looked up into the sApple internal database for solutions/fixes to this problem. He told me the system shows Apple is aware of the problem and is currently trying to find a solution. He could do nohting for me at this point! He had rMBP in stock but could not give one to me since I did not buy it at an Apple Store! He said I should go to the Best Buy where I bought my computer and see with them if I could get a replacement.


    I went to the Best Buy a bit confused about the situation but at the same time curious of what they could do about my problem. It turn out they can't do anything. I did not realize but the 14 days return policy was alreay expired . I bought it 3 weeks ago! They told me I could buy some ridiculous extended warranty plan for 350$. Only then they would send the computer to their repair center for a screen replacement. The Geek Squad dude told me that the cost to repair an rMBP screen was 900$! If I did came before the first 14 days return policy ended, he would have gladly replaced the computer with a new one. At this point, he could not do anything about my problem. He told me to go to Apple for support. What!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'm inside a void now! No one to help me.


    I called back my Apple Store and told them about my "void' situation. This time, the girl on the phone was really preoccupied by my case and was wondering how come I did not get the warranty service from them in the first place earlier that day. She said there was a genius at the store that just got the certification to replace the rMBP screen and she will try to find a replacement screen. The process should be fast. She called me back a bit later and told me that no replacement screen are yet available. Instead, I had to come back because she found she found a new rMBP to replace mine (They already had depleted their inventory of the day but she was able to find one. I guess they keep some for special situations?!). Anyhow, I was excited!


    Finally at the Apple Store, while transfering my stuff from one computer to another using Thunderbolt (15 minutes process btw. Really fast!) she told me that they are fully aware of the burn-in problem. In fact, one employee had the problem and got his replaced. Apparently, it was a bad batch of rMBP. The problem appears only on some models.


    So far my new rMBP does't have the problem. I'm really happy but exhausted from my day.


    Interesting fact: My rMBP was manufactured this week! (Week 27). How amazing is that!

    Another fact: The site does note compute the manufacture week # correctly. The website reports my new computer has being manufactured on week 28 (this is next week). Unless this is the last gift from Steve Jobs to the world: Time travel!


    Some notes for the future:

    - Never buy your Apple computer at a Best Buy or other retailers. Buy at the Apple Store for maximum support

    - Genius at Apple Store may not always help you correctly. Try again or get out of the Apple Store and call them to get another point of view.


    Sorry for the long story but it did me good


    Hope it helps others



  • Maziyar Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Long story, good story. Thanks man for sharing. Totally agree with you. If someone says sth not seems right to you in Apple Store, you should just call Apple. They are really helpful about any situation. I've been there before and one time she said the employee shouldn't have said that and we are sorry!


    Thanks for sharing man,

    Have fun with your new MBPR

  • DCNY69 Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I'm glad you got it replaced. Apple will usually do the right thing. I bet you learned your lesson never to use 3rd parties for Apple products. You will always get caught in the red tape.


    Best Buy is the worst place ever, I would have punched somebody's face if I would have been told to pay $900 on top of the $3000 computer. what a joke.


    Enjoy it.



  • itsamacthing Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)

    Thank you for taking the time to share...


    Seems like the battery issue thread is starting to take legs, so hopefully your battery is as good as your new screen

  • ArcProjector Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is just more indication that Apple's vaunted quality control is slipping. Even though Apple does handle things when you go to the store, it is still an inconvenience expecially given the amount of money being charged for these machines. Also asking us to pay $349 for apple care is also riduculous. Unfortunately it seems you better factor the cost of apple care in the TCO because if these problems happen in a new product in the first few weeks of existence, what happens 2-3 years from now.



    Not saying that non-apple vendors don't have their share of issues, but the cost of PCs is much less and even if you pay for the extra coverage, you're still paying a lot less.



    Apple needs to get their act back together on the quality front. Happy to keep chugging along with my 17" MBP.



    Now I need to go read up on the battery issue thread.

  • kylefromminnetonka Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have seen this issue on my original RMBP and received a replacement a few days ago. I was able to reproduce the ghosting issue on the replacement a day later. The replacement was produced week 28. I have until Friday of this week to decide what to do. I talked to 1800MYAPPLE who said that they will talk to Apple engineers starting on Monday.

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