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    Mac OS X

    M5Marco wrote:


    I'm curious about all this Genius Bar hoopla. First let me say (and get out of the way) that I do believe Apple should acknowledge screen issues as a whole and offer all customers replacement screens regardless of who is or isn't under warranty.




    Lol haven't you been paying attention?  Apple is a company so outrageously dishonest that they have released support articles stating that "image retention is normal" [on IPS displays].

  • brdeveloper Level 1 Level 1

    Image retention is pretty easy to check. If you have Mavericks installed, just browse the internet for around 5-10 minutes through Safari and then switch to the gray login window. If your display has image retention, then it'll clearly show the issue. If you don't note anything, you're ok.


    I just replace my display from my early-2013 rMBP which was LG and had the IR issue. Now I have a LG display which doesn't have img. retention but have yellowing at the bottom half of the screen. That is, everything you hated in a TN screen you can have on this retina display: two tints in the same viewing angle.


    In short: don't buy a rMBP if you're planning working with image/video stuff. If you need color accuracy in a laptop, get a good TN one or that big and heavy Lenovos which has a calibration hardware built-in. Otherwise, rMBP screen is nice in the resolution area. The sad thing is we expected - for this price - getting a computer which had a great color accuracy AND great resolution.


    But if you live in USA, stay calm... I live in Brazil and my 15" rMBP costs around USD 4500,00 (8GB, 256GB SSD, 650M). Also, there are no genius bars. If you live in one of the biggest brazilian cities (my case), fortunately there is an Apple assistance service which is pretty good, but it's a bit far from my house.


    If I have energy, maybe I'll try to exchange the display one more time due to uneven yellowing in the future. Perhaps I'd be better with a IR display... don't know. Retention was a subtle effect which appears in the dark grays. Uneven yellowing is a visible, constant effect.

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    brsm1990 wrote:


    Does anybody know what the test is and how I can replicate it?

    Try this one from Mitch Malone (Run a game or create a video using Handbrake before running per FAQ).


    Other tests:

    1. Backlight bleed: ( there are  Youtube videos people have created with 10 hours of a black screen running to help you test this)
      1. Set the solid black background completely full screen and check under a pitch black environment (or extremely low light condition). If you notice any yellow or white bleeds and non-uniformed black colors than you have backlight bleeding.
    2. Dead Pixels — simple test designed to make it easier to detect LCD "dead pixels" (pixels that are either stuck-ON or stuck-OFF) by displaying a series of solid background color pages for contrast.
    3. Yellow Tint / Uniformity
    4. Creaking (Exterior): check if your laptop makes a “creaking” noise or is “flimsy” — this seems localized to an inch to the left or right of the trackpad and you have to push down more than you would if your normally resting yours palms. Also, lift the computer and put it back down to replicate it after doing it once. It's more noticeable when the computer is not on an even surface-such as a lap.
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    I've explained my IR symptoms in a earlier post, but I'm not sure they're bad enough to warrant replacing my display, let alone the entire machine?!

    Especially since I've had it for just over 1yr now*, what are my chances like, & how do I know if my IR's "bad enough"?

    I've run the test that Apple supposedly does & it wasn't noticeable, but w/a more rigorous test it was, + I often notice it in my regular use, except that it usually fades quite quickly.


    And a *BUMP* for these points:

    Can you point to any forums/communites focused around display optimisation hw/sw for the 13-15" rMBP's?

    I've heard of xrite before too, hmm, how to decide!?!

    Methinks I need to find a community that talks exclusively about this stuff, esp. for use on rMBP's!

    If anyone knows of any, please advise...


    Know of any good graphics designer communities or similar that talk lots about display optimisation/calibration?

    I will do, but I need to decide on the optimal make/model for me 1st, I want to get many others opinions on that.



    Finally, what's with this forum auto-logging us out constantly, is there a way to stop that? I've participated in dozens of communities/forums over the yrs & most don't do that.



    *Very busy year, I do have Apple Care though, the IR's mostly been so light that It's rarely bothered me in normal use -but it "may" be getting worse

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    Is it my impression or the yellowing goes away with time? Or maybe turns to be less noticeable? Well... we're all getting neurotic about the reliability on these displays. I will wait a month or two before affirm any issue on my replaced screen. Looks like the problem fades out when the screen gets hotter.

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    Well I have a Samsung display and it was yellowish. However I am personally pleased with the display profile x0054 provided here, and through some quick personal tests the Samsung screen doesn't seem to exhibit any sign of image retention.


    My track record with Apple screens is actually interesting. This is the first Apple computer I have owned since the mid 90's to about 2000. Back then I had my Quadra 840av and powerpc 7200/120 connected to two Apple Multiscan 15" monitors. Something would happen or break on those monitors that made the color go screwy (dark greenish/gray or something, probably the absence of red). It happened to both monitors and I remember during the early days of the consumer internet boom (AOL 5.0 or something lol) there was a website that stated the Multiscan monitor had a product wide defect and I believe Apple publicly acknowledged it and was replacing or repairing the monitors free of charge. If I had to put a timeframe on this it would probably have been 1997-1998.


    Long story short I never had my monitors exchanged or repaired because either my brother and I shrugged our shoulders or were a year or two too late on the news, can't remember exactly.


    But I have fond memories of the Quadra and powerpc machine. Doom II back in 93, Sim City 2000, Sim Farm, Sim Ant, Sim Tower, Sim Island, lol, Day of the Tentacle!, Dark Forces, Rebel Assault I & II, Myst!!!!!!!!


    On a side note, after the Apple machines of of the mid 90's I had a Gateway 2000 pc from about 1999 to 2004. Then I was Dell from 2004 until December 2013!

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    envoy.2000 wrote:


    Try this one from Mitch Malone (Run a game or create a video using Handbrake before running per FAQ).




    I didn't bother with straining the graphics susbsys beforehand, couldn't see how it has anything to do with testing the display for IR. Besides, when I did this test I was able to get it to show:, but IIRC trying Mitch's test didn't reveal anything easily noticeable.

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    I have a rMBP from 2012 (shortly after launch) with a Samsung screen. It has a warm tone with a slightly yellowish or dinginess on the left lower side only noticeable on a white or light gray background. It's a great screen otherwise and I would never consider replacing it. The reason for posting is just to add that since I have had it there has been no change in the color difference. I don't think it is likely that the yellow goes away.

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    Knowing all 13" screens have IR atm (going thrue my third rmbp 13" and all had IR) is it completly insane to keep it anyway with an Apple care hoping they will have some good screen someday to replace it with or should I just get a refund ?

    Thanks !

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    Colonel.Cool wrote:


    Knowing all 13" screens have IR atm (going thrue my third rmbp 13" and all had IR) is it completly insane to keep it anyway with an Apple care hoping they will have some good screen someday to replace it with or should I just get a refund ?

    Thanks !


    If Apple is still knowingly shipping Macs with image retention I see no reason to think they're going to stop.

  • Colonel.Cool Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah .... Sadly i think you are right :( It's been almost two years and nothing has changed at all. They still deny the issue and are clearly aware of it. They still ship screens manufactured in 2012 with IR and are not going to stop. No one in the media seems to care and almost no reviews are talking about it. It´s a worthless fight and I do not understand how some people cannot see the IR on their screen when at some point it becomes so obvious ... I think I'm just going to get a refund and buy a PC. I just want a 13" computer and the rmbp was the only one interesting. The screen from the MacBook Air ***** even more than the rmbp with IR. Apple is the only manufacturer who still sells old TN panel with poor colors and viewing angle when every PC is now shipping with an IPS screen ... To cut a long story short, even if I love OSX, Thanks to Apple I will have for the first time in 15 years to buy a pc again ...

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    This is why I tell my friends who are less technical about this stuff and other customers looking at these products when I go in a store.  I figure if Apple is content to make stuff up and sell it anyways, someone needs to do the right thing.  I'm hoping Windows catches up to OSX as I think Apple has lost all interest in making great products.  Instead, it's a pretty shell with stale tech. 


    If I had to go through 20 machines to get a good one Id do it.  Their focus is iOS devices now.  And even with that, the mini retina has lots of IR issues.  Even had executive relations tell me it was normal and I was in essence using it wrong.  I should let it rest so the retention fades away or use a different app.  I'm sorry, but telling your customers how to use a product to prevent a shortfall or defect in your product from being an issue is absolutely embarrassing. 

  • Colonel.Cool Level 1 Level 1

    Yep I was on the phone with the executives too. At first i had a very arrogant guy who basically said I was a liar and and that they were selling million of units and their return rate was basically insignificant. When i said i think all 13" machines have IR he kept repeating "I can't confirm what you are saying like a robot". He then send my file tpm another executive, a very polite women. Sadly all que offers me is a refund or a replacement. I sent her pictures of the problem and she said she sent them to the team "in charge" but i think she has done nothing as I am not allowed to speak to them. After 3 Returns I'll give up and that's what she wants me to do. She even said I should get a Mac mini so I can buy the screen I want -> LOL. Apple is just a joke since Steve died. Rest in peace.

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    Colonel.Cool wrote:


    When i said i think all 13" machines have IR he kept repeating "I can't confirm what you are saying like a robot".


    Are we all in agreement on this thread that 100 percent of the 13" Retina MacBook Pros have image retention? I have a friend who wants to buy one and I need to know what to tell him.

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    Amen!   Their solutions seem to be frustrate and cause the customer to leave.  Same tactics were employed before Steve's return.  But considering the Mac is less of a key factor, it may not matter much anymore. 


    But if they want me to speak with my wallet, then I'm fine with that. 


    Personally, I'm hoping it changes once Apple and Samsung get past their childishness.  LG makes some of the trashiest panels.  If apple wants that in their hardware, then it's thier call.  I've got other things to do than visit the idiot bar.