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    I think we must alss be fair and kudos to Apple cos no one knows if the replacement is indeed a refurbished one.


    But I don't understand Apple: a customer comes in complaining and gets a new screen which in all is an indication the buyer is a very critical mind. Wouldn't it be in the best interest for both parties Apple replaces the screen with a model which will most likely not  rise the alarm again  with the customer?

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    Been out of the loop for a week -- surprised how this thread is still active!


    My current unit is a Samsung. When I received it, I could tell it was a Sammy because screen was dimmer. After a while, you start to know the manufacturer (sadly).


    But to my surprise, there isn't much yellow. The whites are very "white."


    However, there is a slight creaking noise.


    I ordered and received another unit; it's an LG.


    When I compare the Samsung and LG side by side, the displays are similar. The whites are "white" (Finder window, Chrome, etc.)


    I've noticed the LG has a slightly warmer feel ("yellow") on grays: example: Chrome browser tabs.


    I'm torn between Samsung vs. LG. The creaking on Samsung is tolerable for now. No image retention, backlight bleeding on either, etc.


    Only concern I have is the LG may develop IR.


    Below is a screenshot of the gray's which I see a slight yellowish tinge on the LG.


    Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 11.12.38 AM.png



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    I cannot see that yellow tinge. It looks greyish to my eye.

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    That's probably because you have a "good" display

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    I have bought new rMBP 15" 750, 16GB, with LG screen, and it also has yellot tint but more on right side, also measured with Spyder3 and it does show that i has more K then centre. Contacted Apple have apointment with Genius, will ask to replace the screen with Samsung, will see how that goes. Seriously apple, these problems are not new...

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    So I've gone through 4 new replacements the last month because of various issues on each and all the screens have been LP154WT1-SJE1. (I'm not sure if the 15in/750M/16gb ram devices use anything other than LG.) But I have to say these screens haven't been giving me much issues, the only real issue I've had some dead pixels initially. And also image bleeding but that's more so to do with how its assembled. Now I have no dead pixels and virtually no screen bleed. (Which I'm so happy about haha.)

    - Whites are white.

    - No IR

    - No noticable yellow tint.

    - Greys are definetely warmer than traditional displays, however I don't consider this an issue

    - When compared to older macbooks these devices are definetely not as bright sadly, but thats not so much the screen manufactuer. (It's bright enough though...) Although I must confess the colors really pop out more on the retina in comparison


    (Actually this photo makes it look like there is an overall yellow tint but there really isn't...thats odd. I blame the iphone camera haha.)



    I've been hearing more issues from the Samsung displays now, go figure how that changed since the launch.


    Hope these screens/model carry its way onto all the other configurations.

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    I have liked the LG displays in general - and found them to be less yellow than Samsung. The "white" on my Samsung has a bluer hue to it (which may make the LG seem more "yellow" or warmer when compared side by side). From what I remember, when compared to a previous unit that had Samsung display, this current Sammy is still pretty bright at 75% (12 bars).


    Is your configuration: 2.3 / 512 or 2.6 / 1TB?

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    512GB. I mean it's not like extremly dull or anything, but when compared to older devices or my iphone for instance its not as bright when maxed out.

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    I am going to buy a 15" Retina Macbook pro soon. I would like to ask what are the most important thinks I should check on the screen after I get it? I mean pixel death, yellow tint, Ir and so on.... Can somebody help me how can I this controls do? Are therefore programs or any special thinks? It were nice when somebody list this steps for me.


    Thank you!

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    Are you in the US? Did you buy urs online / pick up in store? Or online / ship to house?


    Are the 2.3 / 750 / 16 / 512 "available to ship in 24 hours" shipped directly from the factory in China ("freshly made"), or from a warehouse in the US?

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    I've both had instore pickups and online. All the same screen model.

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    For online, were they shipped from China?

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    Okay I lied..I got another replacement because my older one just wouldn't start up. No screen, no CPU. (This is seriously a joke) So this new replacement is a Samsung screen. The color are definetely different, less warm. I don't mind either screen because they both look good to me, but the LG is definetely warmer or dare I say yellower.



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    Ok, so it's not just me who thinks the newest batch of laptops with Samsungs are now "whiter" than LG!