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Hello, I recently wanted to restore my iOS 5.1.1, So I backed up on itunes and then restored to fresh 5.1.1 and afterwards went to "Restore from backup" and it did its thing taking roughly 10 minutes, but when it came back to the main screen I found that my ipad had nothing on it different from the fresh restore of 5.1.1. No pictures, videos, calendar stuff.. NOTHING.


Anyone else have this problem or having any suggestions? I really need what was on there.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    You backed up and restored the same image

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    What were you expecting if you restored from the backup that you had just created?


    If you have multiple backups - restore from another of those backups.


    Connect the iPad to your computer and launch iTunes. Right click on the iPad name on the left under devices and select Restore From Backup. From the resulting pop up window, select the backup that you want to use to restore from.

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    I backed up my iPad on iTunes while it still had everything on it. I then afterwards Restored to a fresh ipsw file of 5.1.1 using shift+restore. So my restore/backup was made while everything was there. After putting on a fresh 5.1.1, I wanted to put my stuff back on from my backup done before I did any of the restoring.


    Am I explaining this better? I've done this with my iPhone b4 and it put everything back on except apps. This time thou with the iPad it's not putting anything on. I'm confused =\

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    Btw I am selecting "restore from backup" when trying to put my stuff back on... Sorry just wanted to put that in there.


    Thank u guys for replying, hopefully we can figure this out and it be good news

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    Yes I understand a bit better now. I am not sure how installing the iOS from the .ipsw file would impact the backup that you created though.


    Launch iTunes on your PC and go to Edit>Preferences and see if you have any other backups. If you do have additional backups, you should be able to select one of thos backups in the procedure that I explained in my first post.

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    The thing is I'm doing this on a new pc, So I have 2 backups I did lastnight before the shift restore. If I select to use the older one, it takes 7-10 mins and nothing goes back on. If I select newer one, it takes 2 minutes and nothing goes back on.

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    I don't know why "nothing" would be going onto the iPad. That doesn't even make sense to me. If there is content in that backup, something has to be going onto the iPad.


    What are looking for that you are not seeing on the iPad? What particular content?

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    Photos from camera roll, music, videos, apps. I know some of that you have to sync to the itunes you originally used.. However when I did the same thing to my iphone 4s it kept everything but my apps.. it just required me to re-enter passwords on my email and apple id.


    So i'm lost.. I figure if its taking up to 10 minutes during the restore from backup process, something has to be on the restore. Because I know i've backed up less on the iphone so the restore took 3 minutes. Judging by that i'd guess that more time means more stuff lol.. but instead I get zero.

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    Well that is the information that is contained in the backup and now I know that you realize that you must sync apps back to the iPad from iTunes so I know that we are on the same page. I just wanted to be sure.


    The comment about "not making sense to me" was not a knock on you either so i hope you didnt take it that way - but it was more a rhetorical thought off the top of my head. It doesn't make sense that nothing is being restored and I know you feel the same way.


    More rhetorical food for thought .... Why does it take 10 minutes to restore "Nothing" at all. How can there be nothing in the backup? This is quite bizarre.


    You did sync with iTunes after you restored from the backup - correct?

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    No I didn't sync because I'm doing all this on a new computer. So it doesn't have my music and apps on this itunes. Like I said thou my iPhone 4s did everything perfect even being on a different computer. So as of now it just seems this restore with the ipad is being difficult. With my iPhone I just restored from backup and it had my txt msgs, contacts, photos, ect..


    And its no problem I understood it wasn't a knock on me lol, Thank you for having such quick replies and trying to help me out. If you think of anything I'll be here.. also if I figure it out i'll let you know. I don't understand the 10 minute restore for nothing either =\

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    I missed the part about this is a new computer that you are using. You said it - i just didnt see it.


    So that makes even more sense now. You said that this all worked fine on the phone, but frankly, I was under the impression that you still had to sync with iTunes in order to get everything back onto the iPad. What I mean is that some of the backup data would be "lost" so to speak without the appropriate apps on the iPad so I always thought that restoring from the backup was not enough for one to even see the camera roll photos, texts messages and so on.


    Anyway, take a look at this discussion that talks about syncing to a new computer. I took part in this one as well. After you make the new computer the computer with which you can sync, this might all work out for you after all.


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    I understand what you're saying, but see the iPhone restored 90% of the things just by backing up the phone, nothing that was on the iphone was on the computer. The iPad I followed the same thing but got nothing in return. So I can't imagine it being a new computer matters as to why its not giving me the data from the backup.


    Is this confusing for you also or am I completely overlooking something? Because as far as i knew any photos that are in the camera roll you don't need on the pc, only photos that were in albums that were synced from the previous pc.

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    No it is not confusing at all. I understand exactly what you are trying to do.


    What I don't understand is why you do not want to make the new computer your new "Sync to" computer. But my point is that some of the data won't even appear on the iPad unless you have the appropriate apps on the app.


    For instance - if you use Pages on the iPad - none of your documents will restore from the backup because the only way that you can view the files is within the Pages app. If you dont sync the apps to the iPad - some of your backed up data will not restore either.


    Why it works on the phone but will not work on the iPad is a mystery to me. Now it almost seems to me like this is now become some kind of challenge for you to get this data back onto the iPad without syncing and that remains a bit of a mystery to me, but that's your decision.


    I am out of ideas.

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    hi friends...i have created the backup during restoring backup im facing a new problem...its asking please enter ur password....i have tried my screen lock password and also my apple ID passowrd.nothing is working....wat can i do...pls help me in this...

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