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A few hours ago my "At Home phone" T-mobile device stopped working completely. I went through the standard procedure of shutting everything off then powering up the cable modem, my t-mobile phone, then the airport extreme. The front light on my airport never went green.


I plugged my laptop into the cable modem (did the modem power cycle) and got connected to the internet with no problem

I did lots of experiments trying many things trying to get my Airport connected to the internet.  And I know when I change the device connected to my cable modem that I have to power cycle it.


Eventually I noticed that the light on the wan port on the back of the Airport never comes on.


I am able to use the Airport Utility to look at my airport.

It tells me "Nothing is connected to the Ethernet Wan port"


I tried turning off my wireless on my MacBook, and connecting my MacBook to my airport through a ethernet cable to the Airports lan connections.

That worked (my Airport utility could find my Airport) and the green light came on for the connection.

As an experiment, I connected my MacBook to the Wan port on the Airport.  No green light, and no connection could be found by the Airport utility.


I could never get the Wan port's green indicator light to come on.


Are my fears true? Is my WAN port dead?

And why did it die?

If I get a new Airport should I be following a different procedure when power cycling it?

The thing was working right before I power-cycled it.


What are my service options, is this one of those things where a new device is cheaper than a tech messing with it?

I don't have any warranties or service agreements.


This is an Airport Extreme 3rd Generation



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I've noticed you can get odd results with the wan port, particularly if you have an odd set-up of ethernet cables. There are ways to even turn on lights for ports that have nothing plugged into them.


    Remove all un-needed plugs from your ports except the bare minimum to get your internet back, and troubleshoot from there.

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    Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options left.


    Suggest that you try a Factory Default Reset on the AirPort Extreme to see if that will help.


    Resetting an AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule FAQ


    If you try this a few times, and the WAN port still does not function, it has stopped working.


    Repairs are probably not feasible, but you might have a local shop take a look to get an opinion about that.

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    Thanks Bob. I tried the reset twice. No luck. Then I took the Airport to a genuis bar. They couldn't get it working either and they tried some resets. He was surprised to a see a dead WAN port. He did offer me a $89 swap price for a refurbished 3rd generation airport extreme.

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    I know this is out dated. Make sure you check under Internet-> Internet Connections-> Ethernet WAN port. Make sure this is set to automatic. If you have it set to 1000Mbps Full Duplex it can not negotiate with the port if it's the most common 10/100Mbps port. If this is the case it will not know it is connected. A lot of cable modems are 100Mpbs unless they are DOCSYS 3 modems.