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I recently upgraded from a 4th gen 20 gb to the new 30 gb color. Upon setting up w/ iTunes, it automatically updated every song in my iTunes libary to the iPod. I've tried repeatedly to manually delete many of these songs from the iPod(as many are not mine), only to find that they still appear on it after it is unplugged. I've followed the troubleshooting directions to no avail. Is anyone else having this problem?

30 gb, Windows XP
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    If you have the iPod set to manually manage your songs, and you want to delete the song from the iPod only, then select the iPod in the source list of iTunes. Highlight the song(s) you no longer want on the iPod, right click and select "clear", or use the edit menu.

    This what you are doing, correct?
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    I do that, only to find that the songs clear on the page, but still remain on the iPod. I'll unplug it right after the deletion of the songs and they're still on it. I had no problem doing this on my previous 4th gen., but maybe it's the automatic update feature that seems to be the problem.
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    "maybe it's the automatic update feature that seems to be the problem"

    Ok, now you've confused me! How would the automatic update cause you a problem if you have the iPod set to manual?
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    I'll make the changes while it's set to manual, unplug it, and upon reconnecting it, it shows it set to automatic update under the options. But this doesn't trouble me as much as the fact that the deleted songs still reflect on the iPod even after they've been 'deleted'.
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    If the iPod reverts to automatic transfer after you've selected manual (which is most unusual), then if those songs that are deleted from the iPod are still in iTunes, then it will update them back to your iPod.

    You've definitely set the iPod to manually manage songs and playlists, right?

    What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?

    The Five Rs usually resolve most things. The last R is a restore which will erase your iPod and return it to factory settings.
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    Just restored it. All set. I must have initially set it up to automatically update instead of manual. That must've been why it defaulted back every time I switched to manual once I made the deletions and plugged it back in. Thanks for the help.