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This may help some that are out there.  I've been told by Apple Care that Apple has removed the "Ripple" transition style with the latest update (9.0.6) in iMovie 11.  I have no idea why and I provided feedback to Apple.  The problem is if you are working with any projects that use the Ripple transition, that transition will no long work in the projects.  You have to replace it with another style of transition.  If anyone has a solution or other info on how to keep this transition, please let me know.  I guess I could try to go back to the previous version...if that is even possible.  Any thoughts on how to do that?

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I am devastated by this the ripple was the most useful for my underwater video


    Apple what is the matter with you guys at least you should do some release notes!!!

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    Interceptor121 wrote:


    Apple what is the matter with you guys at least you should do some release notes!!!

    You're not really talking to Apple here.


    Best to post your feedback here:




    Probably not the solution you're looking for, but the Ripple transistion is alive and well in Final Cut Pro X.



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    I've already left feedback on the issue with Apple through the feedback link.  I did find a solution.  I used Time Machine to go back to iMovie 9.0.4 which still has the Ripple transition.  When Time Machine asked if I wanted to replace or keep both files, I said keep both.  I know have iMovie 9.0.4 and 9.0.6 on my iMac.  I'm using the old version to finish my current project, then I'll trash it and probably go to better software next time (something like Final Cut).  Thanks for the comment.

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    Great solution.


    I'm glad you found it.



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    *** why the **** was the ripple transition removed and left with a blank widget in the transition pane.


    Thanks allot apple, you just about stuffed up all my projects.


    Lucky I had iLife 11 instaler that I could simply reinstall and update back to 9.0.4


    Btw rename 9.0.6 first or delete it.

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    So I have hundreds of hours of short clips that I use as my own stock footage. Virtually all of them use the Ripple transition at least once and most multiple times. I now have to re-edit everything. I have Final Cut Pro X but use iMovie for the simple stuff as it's quick and easy and frankly, why do I need to use a complex program like FCP X when the simpler one will do it in 10% of the time.


    I am a very unhappy customer and regardless of whether or not I can recover from Time Machine is irrelevant.


    Apple made an error and they should fix it. As far as I can tell the only thing they changed was to remove the Ripple effect - 9.0.6 didn't ADD anything.


    Very poor performance Apple. It is unwise to screw your customers like this.

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    Please tell Apple by going to www.apple.com/feedback and scroll down to the iMovie icon to leave your request to hae the transition reinstated.
    The more people who request this the greater the change of getting it back in the next update.