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i have two identical 2.5 USB drives connected to a powered USB hub, connected to a (single radio) AEBS accessed by a 2011 MBP running Lion.


One drive mounts on desktop reliably (via login items) and can be used normally, the other drive mounts intermittently and when mounted, cannot handle a sustained transfer over a few GB.


The drive dismounts with this message: Volume “MMA+” can not be used and will be ejected because it is no longer available. It than usually cannot be seen again until I reboot the AEBS or the drive.


One drive mounts with it's custom icon, the reluctant drive gets a generic blue (remote volume?) icon almost each time it mounts. Occasionally it mounts showing "0" items until re-connected.


I have turned off "put drives to sleep" in Energy Saver.


Both recently got Diskwarrior etc. treatment and are fine.


Any ideas what this may be, or how to remedy it?