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Adrianort Level 1 (0 points)


yesterday i bought this macbook air in apple store:


Processor  1.8 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory  4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 4000 384 MB


And is the fouth time that it is completely freezing. It doenst respond any key input and mouse movement. I have to restart to be able to work


I would like to know if it is known issue and if there is a solution?



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • captfred Level 7 (26,290 points)

    Were you using Google Chrome at the time?  Several other users reported problems with this.

  • Adrianort Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly, in all of the cases i was using chrome.


    I hope that the solution is not  not using chrome.



  • Chamar Level 4 (2,105 points)

    There are several other threads where users are reporting problems with new (2012) MBAs freezing when using Chrome.  It is not a problem on earlier (2011) models.


    I've not seen any solutions posted yet.  Perhaps you should consider using Firefox until a solution is found.

  • captfred Level 7 (26,290 points)

    Adrianort wrote:


    Exactly, in all of the cases i was using chrome.


    I hope that the solution is not  not using chrome.



    That might be the temporary solution.  I imagine that Google or Apple will find the problem pretty quick.

  • Adrianort Level 1 (0 points)

    The problem came when the MBA is sleeping with chrome open. When you awake the computer and use chrome it freezes.


    A possible solution, if you want to continue to use Chrome, is to quit it before sleeping the computer or just after you awake it.


    But I really hope that this problem is going to be fixed soon.



  • sharbold5 Level 1 (0 points)

    Google Chrome is the issue for me as well. I have switched to Safari for 24hrs now with same websites and normal use and had no sign of a crash. I've had over 6 full video, system, cursor freezes while using chrome since I purchased my new Air. Also confirming that my dad has the 2011 MacBook Air and it has no issues with the same version of chrome.


    Freeze has occured when:


    Switching from one website to another, loading a flash video, opening a new tab, clicking a link to load a page within a site. Oddly I've not been able to replicate it to a specific site or action. For instance it did it once on YouTube and I spent an hour trying to get it to freeze again doing the same thing I was before and it wouldn't do it.


    Result: Must hold down the power button and restart the computer.

  • cshiff Level 1 (0 points)

    I have also had this exact same problem! Thank you for sharing concern, I thought something was seriously wrong. Please post when the issue is fixed so I can go back to chrome!



  • T.Razaq Level 1 (0 points)

    I just received my new macbook air 13" two days ago and since then it has frozen on me twice. I had to hold down the power button to restart it. I performed all updates before this started happening and I WAS using chrome. I switched to firefox yesterday for a few hours and I haven't experienced freezing yet. Others are reporting freezing issues even when not using chrome and with different macbooks, but they're all the new macbooks.


    I had the mid 2011 macbook air 13" and this NEVER happend. I starting to lean towards it being a hardware issue based on others taking their macbooks back and having logic boards replaced or gettitng new ones altogether. There are numerous threads on other websites of this problem. I just dislike the thought of taking it back and having to setup a new one all over again and that new one MIGHT have the same problem as well.


    Do you guys think that the problem is only affecting the first batch of these new macbooks?

  • Doc Dougherty Level 1 (0 points)

    I have either the same problem or a similar one. Power management is set to never sleep if plugged into house power.  When the display is asleep and I hit the space bar the password window opens but when I enter the password it just gives me the spinning beachball and I have to hold down the power button to force a reboot. 


    I have been running Firefox and don't have Chrome on the machine.  I have had both Firefox and Eudora freeze and force a hard reboot.  When the screensaver is not running I can see what is going on as I keep Activity Monitor running and it is a progressive self-eating phenomenon.  In the beginning I can pop open the dock and scroll Activity Monitor, but it eventually freezes these as well and I have to reboot. I can select Firefox in Activty Monitor if I do it quickly but it will not do a Force Quit.


    I have noticed that when the problem shows up from display sleep, the clock is frozen at some time in the past, ususally around the time the display went to sleep and it does not change no matter how long you let the beachball spin.


    I am going to set the display to never sleep for a couple of days and see if that does anything.


    This is a new (one week old) MBA running Lion on a 1.8GHz i5 with 8GB and a 256GB SSHD

    It is the replacement for my old MBA which was running fine on Snow Leopard.


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  • gstaver45331 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the new 13 inch air, I dod not use Google Chrome, and it has frozen at least 6 six times since i received it earlier this week. So the Chrome thing can't be what is causing my freezes since i do not even have it installed. Should I reload Lion from scratch to see if that fixes it? I do have all updates installed at the moment.

  • amusia todd Level 1 (55 points)

    I'm running a 1 week old 13" mba 2.0GHz i7, 8GB ram, 512GB SSD.

    Crashing once a day. I do use crome, could be the driver for the new Intel HD Graphics 4000.

    Hoping they do an update quickly.

  • jm1989 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here ... brand new macbook air 13", 2.0GHz i7, 8GB ram, 256GB SSD.
    Crashed once a day every day since I got it, all while using Chrome.
    Do not have the issue waking from sleep, usually when changing or closing tabs in Chrome.

  • Richard Ramsden Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue here. I noticed there was a new software update to fix flash performance. Tried installing that but problem still persist I'm hoping Apple is able to fix with a software update and its not something hardware related ~le sigh

  • Doc Dougherty Level 1 (0 points)

    gstaver45331 - what are your Energy Saver settings? I  set my display to never sleep in Energy Saver but set a hot corner in Screen Saver to allow me to put it to sleep manually and it has not quit on me since, (but it has only been one day so far).


    In Console, there is no sign of a problem - it shows that it is doing Time Machine backups hourly and then nothing until it reboots (manually) some hours later.  No kernel panic or anything.

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