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I am using on my IMac (10.6.8 Snow Leopord) Aperture 3.


I want to know  :


1. Can I download and use Abode Photoshop 5.0  Limited Edition  Windows / Mac  onto my IMac ?


2. Although this Abode program is ancient now, can it do certain things that Aperture 3 cannot (see below)


    I am only interested in the ability to crop around things that are shown in a jpg or raw image ... such as

    isolating a village priest from his surroundings .. or isolating a football player from the field or pitch ... and

    then taking that isolated image and using it ... to either print separately or to enter into a Keynote talk.


    Pages has this feature (it is called Alpha) but it does not work well at all. Preview, I think, has this feature too but

    it also does not work well. So I am looking for a program that can. I don't want to buy an expensive new Abode

    program if I can used Photoshop 5.0


    Otherwise I am happy with Aperture 3.  Just this one special cropping tool I would like.



Many thanks for  helping me to unravel this.    Don in California.

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    For a "selection" of a person or object as you describe, Aperture is not going to work very well. You can crop (square or rectangle) but no smart or manual selection around a person. Adobe Photoshop will work for what you want . Photoshop CS6 is the newest version. Adobe's version numbers are kind of confusing - I have Photoshop CS5 on my Mac Pro (Lion 10.7.4) that shows version 12.0.4 x64. I would recommend Adobe Elements 10 if your version of Photoshop doesn't work for you - it gives you about 90% of Photoshop at much less $.


    Selecting an person or object can be easy or difficult depending on the background and the degree of perfection that you are looking for. There are some good on-line tutorials. Good luck.

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,945 points)

    Photoshop LE 5 would require the Classic Environment to run, so no, you can't install it on 10.6






  • SierraDragon Level 4 (2,695 points)

    No, you do not want to use such an ancient version - even if it did work. Far superior cheap or free editing is available from modern non-Adobe image editing applications.


    Every digital photog needs good conversance with a modern image editor. Aperture excels at images management, it is only marginally an image editor.


    Instead I recommend GIMP (free) or Pixelmator. Full hugely-expensive Photoshop used to be the only real choice but only full-time pros need it today. Folks like me still use it mostly because it is what we know.  Photoshop Elements is less competent and less expensive than full PS but IMO GIMP and Pixelmator are better value.


    All image editors have a learning curve but are worth the effort.





  • SierraDragon Level 4 (2,695 points)

    Tasks like "isolating a village priest from his surroundings .. or isolating a football player from the field or pitch" is a challenge for most basic image editing apps, including full PS (however each new PS version does improve). Personally I use KnockOut2 for isolating parts of images even though I own the full Adobe CS5.