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I've been using Macs, iPhones, and iPads for many years, but I've never tried to setup my work Exchange account with my Mac until I just purchased a MacBook Air as a second computer (to use partially for work).  I was hoping that it would work just like it does on my iPhone and iPad and it appears like it should, but in Mail it just keeps syncing.  It looks like most (I'm not sure if it's all) of my email has come in, but sending and receiving is very slow and it seems to be continuously syncing.  I'm basing this on the appearance of the circling graphic just to the rght of the Inbox.  This is the one that looks like spinning dashes in a circle, not the one that looks like a pie showing completion status of the sync.  However, the Mail Activity box in the lower left doesn't show anything.


My company uses Microsoft Exchange 2010 and I'm running the latest and updated version of Lion (in fact it's one of the new Airs that just came out this week), so I'd expect this to work.  Calendar and Contacts seem to be sycing just fine. 


Does anybody have any expertise with this?  I've already waited several hours and I've tried it for both mine and my wife's account (both Exchagne 2010) with the same result.


Thanks for any help!

MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    You're not the only one having this problem with Exchange servers.  Every so often, Mail gets stuck on that spinning wheel you describe, but it only occurs on the Exchange server account.  All other accounts that I have check and receive mail flawlessly.  The spinning wheel doesn't seem to affect incoming mail; even though the spinning wheel gives the appearance that it's hung up, new mail still arrives.  It's just more of an annoyance to me, so I quit Mail and immediately re-open it and the spinning stops (for awhile).  Face it.  Macs still hating talking to Microsoft devices.  I think that's the bottom line explanation.