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I have a number of things I'm working on and one of them is "Accessibility" or what used to be called "Disability"

I'm seeing limited info here right now, but I was wondering if there are also Developers working on this in the Community paths I'm viewing?

I follow the thought that-the disabled didn't choose the path they find themselves on...so I want to make their "glide through life smoother" if I can.

So I'm wondering, after hitting Apple's Accessibility page as well as AssistiveWare, if there are other new inspirations or Developers who stay tuned in to this

this amazing new future in our Computer's?

I'm interested in making our Computer's "more human" and that means the "voices" our disabled live with.

Cognitive is my real world...I'm not selling myself or business..but am curious about the community and what's happening now?

your reply is appreciated.



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