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  • fsantoro Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi there,


    Has anybody lately asked Apple support on this issue? I will be doing that soon, but I was wondering, if anybody knows what they have to say, since the latest patch should had fixed something like this (I think).



  • qwertme Level 1 (0 points)

    I called Apple when the problem occured. They had me reset the PROM, reboot and reset something else.


    I haven't had any problems since.


    You are covered under Apple Care for at least 3 months when you buy the computer, calling is free and they will help you. It's more productive than complaining here.

  • fsantoro Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Qwertme,

    Yes, you are right. I will be doing that maybe this weekend. But I was guessing that the solution would be some reseting, probably also the SMC controler, correct?.


    In any case, did they tell you or explained why this is still happening, when the previous patch should had fixed this?




  • qwertme Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, SMC, that was it. they had me reboot a couple of times as well.


    I don't remember an explenation, I just remember that it solved my issue.

  • fsantoro Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you!.

    In a way, it seems to me that this  points to software issues, more than hardware, which is good!



  • tillkrueger Level 1 (5 points)

    didn't read through every post here, but found this thread after yet another very frustrating "support" session with Apple Phone support...very nice person, but giving me the same run-around i've been getting since i was foolish enough to pre-order the 15" rMBP last year in June, right when it was announced.


    first the "image retention" issue, which a kind Genius ended helping me with after months of going to the store and being turned away (not recognized as a "real" issue by Apple), by swapping out my screen for a Samsung, but still dealing with display corruption that is so sporadic, but so annoying when it happens, that it feels like a bad joke, considering that i purchased the "most beautiful and advanced notebook and screen technology ever made".


    for months i was told that the firmware upgrade they are working on "might* fix whatever i am seeing (and why do *i* need to wait for months, when i purchased this, still under warranty, *and* Apple Care, which i also paid good money for?), but when it finally hit my Software Upgrade and was installed, it didn't go away...not even relating to Sleep mode or anything like just randomly happens in pretty much any program that uses OpenGL UI elements (whcih are really *most* these days), but particularly frequent in Adobe Photoshop and some of the other CS progs that use OpenGL accelerated screen elements and features...problem is that it will often *not* happen for days, then it will happen *constantly* on any given usually does not happen when i go to an Apple Store, of course.


    today iwas actually told that Apple cannot guarantee the performance of 3rd party software...really?! the Adobe Creative Suite? (even though it's not limited to Adobe progs)...i am so frustrated as you can probably see with this rant of mine, but i am just not willing to accept that Apple can get away with refuse to swap out the logic-board (since they made it impossible to just swap out the GPU), or just swap out the whole MBP.


    let's face it: CPU's and GPU's *can* go bad...some people have these screen corruption problems, and others don't...i am convinced that this is a hardware issue, which can only be fixed by swapping out the logic board or machine...running diagnostics on problems like these is kinda bogus, as it could take days to see the problem occur, and hwo can give up their main work-machine for days? i have dozens of screen-grabs and iPhone photos/videos of it happening, but that just doesn't matter..."let me run this diagnostic software right quick", and then after a few minutes nothing is wrong (of course), and then it's "sorry, but we can't help ya...bye".


    again, sorry about this rant, but i just feel so dis-empowered by this "new and powerful, successful Apple"...i sold 3 of my Macs to buy this one MBPr, as an "early adopeter" (foolish me), and what's the support i get (and paid for)? this?

    anyone that has been having similar experiences, please do let me know...something must be done...and anyone that might have insights into this particular problem, and maybe some ideas that i or Apple may have overlooked so far, please do share!

  • Brenda Bell Level 1 (5 points)

    I was frustrated as h**l for weeks on end so I really understand how you feel. But I seem to be one of the lucky ones as it seems that all of my issues were definitely software related. Some combination of the various reset sequences, preference tweaks and a VMWare Fusion update made my issues completely disappear. I haven't seen a display glitch in six months (knock on wood).

  • tillkrueger Level 1 (5 points)

    when they asked me today *again* to "just wipe the entire notebook and re-install OSX" (did that reluactantly - to no effect - a few weeks ago, after i was trying to play along with their sillyness), i almost lost many months must i be sent home empty-handed and frustrated, before someone own ups to it...if this was a new luxury car, and the tranny didn't work right, would Benz send me home telling me that the problem isn't that bad and *might* be figured out sometime down the line? i don't get it...what is Apple Care for these days?


    Just a few examples from the past few hours:






    Not cool!

  • jasper9 Level 1 (0 points)

    Those screenshots are exactly what i'm seeing.  Seems like it's when waking from sleep, touching any graphics intense application like fusion or iPhoto (so far).  I'll try resetting all the things.

  • guguii Level 1 (5 points)

    same here!


    another retina with glitches.


    mine just appear attatching the external screens after wake from sleep  (so , I have to shut-down the rMBP EVERY time I disconnects the screens!!!! CRAZY, annoying and shameful.


    but worse, when I reboot, the system is corrupted (no icons and some menu items!!) so I need to reboot first in safe mode, and then reboot again in normal mode...


    hope this temporal "fix" could help someone


    this is the best mac ever!

  • guguii Level 1 (5 points)

    this is what I get, alwasy when I wake up from idle (more than an hour in sleep mode)


    Captura de pantalla 2013-07-10 a la(s) 11.42.11 copia.jpg

  • guguii Level 1 (5 points)

    has anyone talk with a genius at apple?


    I'm in a travel work for a month and can't go to an Apple Store, the worst is my 1 year warranty ends today!!!

  • qwertme Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, you can always call Apple today and get the case started, that way you will have reported it within the warranty period. Why did you wait until the last day of your warranty to think about calling Apple? That's not very clever.

  • guguii Level 1 (5 points)

    thanx! i'll do it


    I recieved the Macbook on september, but I paid it on 19-07-2012, in UE the warranty starts on the day you recieved the item, but I've read in apple terms that the 1 year warranty stars on the bill day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    so, I lost almost 2 months of warranty


    so apple....

  • stopsatgreen Level 1 (0 points)

    I tracked this problem down to an issue with the automatic GPU switching; after wakeup the corruption happened when switching from low performance to high performance. It was resolved by disabling the Automatic Graphics Switching in Energy Saver options.


    A friend then told me that a colleague of his found out that software was causing the issue: for him it was the Leap Motion daemon, which I also had installed. So I quit this and re-enabled Automatic Graphics Switching, and have had no problems since.


    So it seems to me that the problem is caused by certain software not playing nicely with the switching; if you don't know which software, disable the switching.