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Does anyone have any sleep issues with their macbook pro?
When mine goes to sleep and i can wake it up but if i leave it to go into a deeper sleep i can't wake it up. tried using the keypad, touchpad, power button (even reseting), all that happens is it switches on but the screen doesn't come on and the sleep light flashes. The only way i can get it on is if i remove the magsafe connctor and the battery, then reconnect the magsafe and press the powerbutton, it wakes up and loads up to where i previously left off, then i can reconnect my battery. anyone also experienceing a muffled moo noise from their superdrive (every couple of minutes even when there is no disk inside)?

I have the 2.0ghz version with the faster graphics card, 100gb (7200rpm drive), apples 1gb ram, crucial 1gb ram. I'm going to take it down to my local applestore this weekend but i don't want them to hold on to it for such a long time.

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    I've had the same problem. The terminal command and information found in this http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=379417&tstart=0
    discussion cured my problem. Give it a read
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    Although switching off the secondary sleep function alleviated some problems, annoyingly enough it still has trouble waking from sleep (this is after an hour or two of sleep). went to an applestore spoke to a genius, he said it might be because one ram stick is from crucial ram, so i purchased ram from apple and reset the sleep setting value in terminal but it does the same thing. Thank you for the help though, it did help to a certain extent.
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    I've had this same problem for a couple weeks now. At the Apple Store, they pulled my Crucial RAM and sent me packing. So, I gave the benefit of the doubt, returned the "bad stick" and got another. Same problem.

    To be specific, mine would often restart instead of waking, or do nothing at all, forcing me to pop the battery out, or hold the power button to shut it off, then restart.

    On my second trip to the store, today, they tried pulling the new Crucial RAM and replacing it with Apple RAM. That worked! So, they claim third party problems and I can't say they're wrong. However, it makes me wonder about proprietary settings in RAM, if that's even possible. I wonder if two sticks of Crucial RAM would work just fine? It's almost worth the try, as the cost is nearly half that of another 1GB of Apple RAM.

    Not sure what I'm going to do as of today, might try another vendor for even less than Crucial to see if I have any luck, though I'm nervous to trust some other brand as though it might fix the sleep issue, it could be less reliable for more important usage.
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    I don't think it's the RAM. I have the intermittent sleep disorder on one MBP 2.16GHz that has no extra RAM -- Apple or Crucial or whatever. I have another MBP 2.00 GHz with 2GB of RAM -- half Apple, half cheap 3d party. No sleep or other problems on that one. If you take the MBP and the problem to Apple, best to remove the 3d party RAM first to avoid tangential discussions.
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    When my MacBook Pro goes to sleep, I can hear the disk drive click on and then off frequently. My system is a MacBook Pro 17 that came with 2 gigs installed and is the 2.16 Ghz version

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    I do too and have found that if I open and close the case several times it wakes up correctly. Occasionally, I have also had success activating Front Row a few times and it wakes up.
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    went through applecare and after a lot of arguing i had my macbook pro replaced.