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sszeto Level 1 (0 points)

So...I have a Mac Pro, Dual 2.8 Quad Core with 24 GB of RAM.  I beefed up the video card and the RAM just for FCP X....but I swear, it runs painfully slow.  I'm about to boot this thing and go for portability.  Will the high end Macbook Pro deliver what I think FCP X should be like?

Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.7.2), Dual 2.8 Quad Core, 24GB, ATI 5770
  • clintonfrombirmingham Level 7 (30,000 points)

    It's very likely - a lot of folks are running FCP on 17" MBPs (which weren't updated). I would think that you could go with the high-end MacBook Pro 15" (non-Retina) and connect an external monitor and be in business. You likely have a monitor already that will work - if not look at the Thunderbolt Display.


    Good luck,



  • Bimmer 7 Series Level 6 (10,275 points)

    I'd go with Clinton on this one.


    Get a highend MB Pro and max out the RAM and go with SSD to benefit from the performance.


    Or, not trying to confuse you or anything like that.  Ever thought about going SSD on your Mac Pro?


    In theory, desktops are considerably faster than notebooks since the CPU runs at full speed all the time.


    Maybe going SSD will give you a boost of speed that you need.


    Another suggestion: Getting a refurbished 17 Inch MB Pro loaded to the MAX.


    @ Clinton, did you try find my Mac?



  • sszeto Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh man....I don't think you guys know how much sleep I lose over getting rid of my Mac Pro.  LOL....I nearly had a heart attack when my G5 went toes up!!  But like you said, Bimmer, I have personally thought that desktops are supposed to be faster than notebooks.  That's why I bought it and that's why I expected more performance out of it.


    I have thought about SSD but do you really think that SSD would solve FCP X issues in regards to lag?  Right now, I'm working on a dance performance show and the end result is an hour and 40 minute project.  Every....single....time.....I click on something, the beachball of death appears and I'm holding my breath as if I was editing on a PC platform again.  Grrrr....


    That's why I'm guessing that it's probably a processor issue that would benefit more than the SSD, even though the SSD would probably be the most economical.

  • Bimmer 7 Series Level 6 (10,275 points)

    I feel your pain sszeto.  I still have my old MAC Clone.  Remember the UMAX 900?  I have that in my sailboat and I'm still using it.  Kinda useless but it does the job.


    I still feel that going SSD is the way to go.  Clinton might back me up on this one.


    I believe, and still do that desktop are faster than laptops.  I have a 4 year old i7 920 Windows desktop that is faster in Photoshop than my late 2011 MB Pro.  I just went portable because I travel too much and I hate lugging around my desktop.


    My suggestion: try out the SSD on your Mac PRO and if you feel that it's not helping, when you get your new MB Pro, you can install that SSD in your MB Pro and really see the difference in speed.


    Makes sense?


  • clintonfrombirmingham Level 7 (30,000 points)

    I remember the UMAX line - never bought one, though!


    I agree with Bimmer - FCP is both processor and disk intensive. In my opinion you shoud get the fastest CPU and SSD you can afford. And if you want to see if the SSD is the solution in your Mac Pro, you cn always migrate it to a new MBP with a faster processor.


    Make's sense to me...



  • sszeto Level 1 (0 points)

    UMAX eh?  You guys are giving me a tear in my eye.  Well....SSD *IS* the cheaper alternative than juicing up a new laptop.  With that said, any recommendations?

  • Bimmer 7 Series Level 6 (10,275 points)

    I'll answer for me and Clinton.


    Crucial M4 512GB.


    Fast, Reliable and a good brand that we both use.


    But the Samsung 830 is curently the speed champ.

  • clintonfrombirmingham Level 7 (30,000 points)

    Do you know of anyone using the Samsung in a Mac? The only thing I've used is the Crucial, of course, and read of thers using OWC...


    Yikes! The 512GB Samsung is $700 on Amazon - but there are some Mac reviews there.



  • Bimmer 7 Series Level 6 (10,275 points)

    Actually, the Retina Version uses the Samsung 830 series.


    Here's a link about the Samsung 830 series SSD.



    I'm still happy with my Crucial M4 256GB.

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    Wow...I guess I gotta wait two more weeks for the paycheck to come rolling in before I take a stab at these SSDs.  Now, I have never dealt with SSDs as an internal upgrade but for purposes of using it exclusively for FCP X, is it recommended that I use this as the scratch disc and keep FCP X on the primary HDD?  Or use this for both FCP X and the scratch?

  • Bimmer 7 Series Level 6 (10,275 points)

    I suggest to you use it for both to take advantage of the SSD's feature and to maximize the performace of FCP X.


    Then again, make it a project if you have time to try it different ways until you decide which way you think is best to suit your needs.

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    Thanks have given me lots to think about, especially how to get rid of ALL of the stuff I already have on my primary drive right now!!  LOL....

  • Bimmer 7 Series Level 6 (10,275 points)

    You're welcome.


    If you're in the market for a UMAX for nostalgic purposes, feel free to shoot me an email.


    Best of luck with your MAC Pro.  I'm sure you'll enjoy your new SSD when you get it.


    Keep us posted.

  • sszeto Level 1 (0 points)

    One more thing while its still rattling in my it possible to have a dual boot in bay one with two HDDs?  Namely my current hard drive and the new SSD?  I ask only because my boot drive is massive, and there is no way that even a 512GB SSD would accomodate it (outside of mass deleting).

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