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I finally upgraded from iPhoto 9.3 to Aperture 3.3, and on the whole, I completely love Aperture 3.3, it was everything iPhoto isn't: iPhoto was bloated and incredibly slow even with a mere 70,000 photos; whereas Aperture loads in seconds and scrolls like butter.  The shared library between iPhoto 9.3 and Aperture 3.3 made it possible for me to switch; as I can still go back to iPhoto whenever I want to.


I want to sync my photo library, with smart albums, to my iPhone, but it never works properly after quitting Aperture.  I suspect it is a problem with getting Aperture 3.3 to generate correct previews from the library to share with iPhone.


I sync a few smart albums with my iPhone.


Problem:  If I sync my iPhone with iTunes after making edits with Aperture, my iPhone deletes all of the photos.


Workaround:  Load Aperture -> Quit Aperture -> Load iPhoto -> Quit iPhoto (to generate previews) --> Load iTunes --> sync phone.


It appears that Aperture 3.3 does not generate previews for iPhoto generated smart albums:  looking on the Photos 'tab' on iTunes, it appears that if previews have been generated by Aperture, it removes all my smart albums.  The only way is to launch iPhoto to force the previews to be generated correctly first.


By the way I have 'always generate previews' enabled on Aperture so that's not the problem.

Also I have rebuilt my Aperture Library from scratch so that's not a problem either.


iTunes, however, does 'see' the library as an iPhoto library rather than an Aperture library – on the Photos tab, if I switch to Aperture, it says no libraries found.


Has anyone experienced the same problem?


MacBook Pro running OS X Lion 10.7.4 with all updates; latest iTunes, latest iPhoto, latest Aperture.

MacBook Pro