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I work in education! we are desperately trying to get apples latest tech to work unfortunately Apple does not support proxy's how small minded is this. we have just purchased Apple TV to show presentations through an iPad. but because Apple needs a direct connection to the Internet we cannot use this.


Question 1. Why can i not just show a presentation through my IPad to my Apple TV.


Question 2, How dare Apple plug educational use when they don't even configure its IOS for proxy use


Question 3. Why must i have an Internet connection to use Apple TV


At least Microsoft products work!!!!!!!!!

AppleTV 2
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    Welcome to the Apple community.


    You don't need an Internet connection in order to display a presentation from an iPad on an Apple TV. I have no idea where you have got this information from.


    The reason you and cannot work through a proxy with an Internet connection, is to stop movies rented or purchased from the iTunes store being watched on a whole bunch of Apple TVs

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    Hi Thanks for the response, how do i show the ipad on Apple TV then as it needs to sign into Itunes to sync accounts this is the bit iam stuck on

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    Keynote presentations, are mirrored from the iPad via airplay (iPad 2 or better), the only requirement for airplay is that both devices are on the same network and that airplay is enabled on the Apple TV itself.