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Hi Everyone,


Any problem with auto-enhance in new version of aperture 3.3?


since i update to new version 3.3, the auto-enhance being different set and not really nice colors. Example, when i auto-enhance my forest photos (green color), i tried to auto-enhance to make green became contrast and sharp (more green) but was become yellow-contrast (skin tone) mode.

i tried to resetting, but still the same problem.

Anyone advice or should downgrade to old version again?


Thank you.

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    I've been having the same issue. It seems to me like the new upgrade of Auto Enhance is not doing what it used to do.


    I've an old image auto enhanced, and when I used the button to replicate the same thing on a duplicate of the file, it did not include: LEVELS, EDGE SHARPEN. The colors looked off compared to previous works.


    I don't like it, and I'm trying to figure out how to fix this. If anyone knows exactly what settings auto enhance used to have, please drop a line here.

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    Auto-enhance in 3.3 is completely different to previous Aperture releases.


    It's can be made up of up to 5 adjustments:


    * White balance

    * Exposure

    * Enhance

    * Curves

    * Highlights & Shadows


    If you want to make your own "auto enhance" you can tweak the default one (though you can't assign it to the button).  Note that the default auto enhance is in Effects->Quick Fixes->Auto Enhance.  You can duplicate it and add your own adjustments to it, if you want.


    I don't know how you can go back to the old auto-enhance.  In my experience the new enhance is vastly better for most images.  The old curves ones were awful as they were always WAY overkill... they gave every photo a true white and black point and overbaked the heck out of nearly every image I tested.


    That said, the new ones won't be better than the old ones on all photos for everybody.  Auto is a starting point... do a little hand tweaking and roll your own presets if you need to.

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    thanks. Yes, I should rephrase that. Auto enhance isn't terrible, but I like how it worked before. My question is which settings did Auto Enhance apply before the new upgrade?

    the current adjustments are those you mentioned (WB, Exposure, Enhance, Curves, H&S). What adjustments did it used to do before? If you know, and thanks for the information, what you say makes sense.

  • William Lloyd Level 7 Level 7

    I actually don't know what it did before.  Certainly, white balance was much different before, because all you had was tint and temperature, and not the new faces or greyscale adjustments that are now there.  The new face-basd white balance is working very well as a starting point for me now... on the images where I'd want auto-white-balance to work the best.  Because my pictures with people I typically want to do a quick adjust for a fairly non-critical audience (family) whereas my landscapes I'll set things manually as it's up to my interpretation in those cases :-D

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    On my machine, the 'Quick Fixes > Auto-Enhance' in pre-3.3 Aperture did the following only:


    - Enhance Brick / Vibrancy = 2.0

    - Levels Brick = Auto Combined (same as clicking the Auto button with black/white circle)

    - Edge Sharpen Brick = default settings (which had Intensity, Edges and Falloff)


    No changes in other bricks including white balance. They were all left at the default of the original preview generated on import.


    I don't know what Apple did to the 'Sharpen' brick in AP 3.3.x (whether they combined Sharpen and Edge Sharpen, or simply did away with the old Sharpen - which was for pre-3.0.x compatibility - and just renamed Edge Sharpen to Sharpen). The latter is what I think they did since Edge Sharpen is generally considered a better way to sharpen in most circles I deal with or have read about.


    Hope that helps.


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    having the same issue too.