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iPhone 4 on a new Win 7 computer: I've Authorized the Acct, Transferred Store-bought Apps, and made a Backup - That's ALL.

NOTE: Apple software is as intuitive to me as the Chinese alphabet.


The OS Update pop-up states all Apps, Media, store-bought stuff will BE DELETED and To Update on the computer where I Sync apps, music, photos, videos.


MY BIG FEAR is the recollection that you can ERASE KEY FILES, photos, etc. on an iPhone by (something like) Syncing when One Side is EMPTY (Win 7)  and the other

( the iPhone) is full of data - and I DON'T remember the SAFE Sync solution.


My questions are as follows:

1.   Am I correct to Sync FIRST to Win 7 for the First Time and THEN Update to OS 5.1.1?


2. The "Manual" Sync Photos screen shows [ Sync Photos from from Public Pictures or Choose Folder ... ]; I need the Sync to go iPhone to Win 7 so HOW is

     that accomplished? Those 2 choices mean nothing to me.


3..  What must I do to INSURE that the 1st Sync to Win 7 does NOT ERASE the iPhone Photos, etc? / I remember something about putting just 1 photo in the

       Target Folder to Prevent iPhone Photos Erasure - BUT wouldn't know the target Path  in Explorer to put one.


4.  Won't a Photo cache be created with the 1st Sync and does anyone know its Exploreer Path in Win 7?


MANY THANKS for any Help offered!!!

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.1