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Okay, so I finally got my graduation money to buy the macbook pro I want. It's the low end pro, 2.3ghz with retina display. ($2200) I checked online and they say there is a 3-4 week before the item even gets shipped. I also tried calling me local apple store twice and got 2 different responses, the first one said they got a shipment earlier today but they quickly sold out nearly an hour later, and the second specialist told me I should just order it online.


So my question is, what would be the fastest way to get the macbook pro? I start summer classes in early July and wish to have my macbook pro before then. As a matter of fact, I'm so excited about it that I want it now.

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    Everybody who wants one wants it now, and that's why nobody can get one now. There's nothing you can do to speed up delivery — you'll get it when you get it, just like everyone else.

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    So what would be the faster option then? Ordering it online or constantly checking a store?

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    shadow82x wrote:


    So what would be the faster option then? Ordering it online or constantly checking a store?


    How on Earth would we know???

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    Maybe some people would have some feedback. Like If anyone recieved it after ordering it online yet, or if they had luck picking it up in store.

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    I called my local Best Buy and they had them in stock even though the website said Coming Soon.  Ran up to the store and had it home less than 45 minutes later.  I would go into the Apple store and find out if they have them and see if the store rep will tell you what time they get daily shipments and then get there in advance each day.  Do the same for other retailers like BB and hopefully you'll have good luck and get one.

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    Thanks, I don't think BB would match the education discount though, would they?

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    Hey Shadow...I know how you feel. Mine will be here first week of July. My local Apple store had some today. They also had some last Friday. You have to call everyday....once in the morning and then in the afternoon. If you do this, you will likely catch them with a few from day to day.


    I would have canceled my shipment (Apple makes this easy on their site) and picked up one in the store today. However, the one in the store was the $2700. I ordered the $2200 with the 16gb ram b/c I do music and video editing....so I stuck with my online order.


    Is this your first Mac? Depending on what you need it for, you may get more "bang" for the buck with a non-retina version.


    Oh well...either way...hold that Grad money tight until you get what you want. My Pro Retina will be a 50th Birthday present......so I know how you feel !


    Good luck.


    Edit: Don't forget the education purchase....you get some off and a $100 apple card.

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    I currently do have a macbook. It's the white 2009 model so its not that modern, but will hold me over till I get the macbook pro retina. I'm on roation calling 3 apple stores to see if they have it in stock heh. The 4 week online wait is really a killer.


    I'm just so suprised that there is a high demand for this given the price. Lucky Apple.

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    I have seen them in Best Buys and in Apple Stores.  Call and check around.  It should end up being quicker than ordering one.

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    I had found calling 12 Apple stores in my area to get the same response to be disappointing.  I tried my local best buy, who directed me to a store that had them in stock.  They had 2 units, also listed as "coming soon" online; most of the employees didn't know the computer was there.  BB does match apple's educational pricing. 


    I'd order it online and be done with it.  This was the hardest acquistion ever for a 2k+ item.  I blame apple, if the computer wasn't going to be ready, shouldn't have been presented as "available today" at WWDC.  Coming soon would have been more appropriate.



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    Interesting, might try and stop by BB and see what they say.


    I also agree, Apple shouldn't have said "shipping today" or "available today" until they had a good number of products already made. Now they have fustrated customers.

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    Thought id let everyone know that today was my lucky day. After calling 4 apple stores, 1 of them had a limited stock of the model I wanted. As soon as I heard we raced down there and picked it up. I'm very happy I decided to get it in store instead of waiting until Mid July for ordering it online.