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iTunes and iPhoto will not recognize my iPhone 4 when I plug it in.  I just "synced/backed-up" my phone about 3 weeks ago and it was fine, now it will not do anything when I plug it into my Mac.  I have re-booted the phone and my mac and updated the software on both and nothing.  I have tried the holding down the "sleep/turn off button and home button until the picture of the USB cord shows to plug it into iTunes and I do so and still nothing happens.  I have turned my phone off and then plugged it into the USB and the phone will turn back on but still is not recognized by iTunes or iPhoto.  I have tried the iSync from the applications on my Mac and it recognized it as my Smartphone, but then says it can not pair the device.  I have called Apple Support and of course they will do nothing for you unless you pay for it because I am past my 90 days...bunch of crap when the phone is not even a year old (7-8 months)!!!!!  I have done everything short of resetting to its original factory settings, which I do not have a problem doing if iTunes will then recognize the phone, but what do I do if it doesn't...I have lost everything and how do I get it back???  PLEASE HELP...Anybody!  Thank you!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1