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Mishal123 Level 1 Level 1

Hello everyone in the apple community

I recently purchased an iPhone 4s and I set it up via iCloud and it worked later when I arrived home after going with my dad for a party my iPhone would not start it was in recovery mode so I tried putting it in iTunes and starting restoring it then after it was 75% done it rebooted and iTunes says "the iPhone 'iPhone' could not be restored an unknown error occurred (1) so I tried again but still no luck and I also tried putting it in dfu mode but still no luck. I don't think it has been jail broken because I don't know anything about jail breaking .

Could anyone please help me?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
Reply by Mishal123 on Jun 19, 2012 7:47 AM Helpful

Could anyone help please...I really desperately need help.....

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  • Mishal123 Level 1 Level 1

    Could anyone help please...I really desperately need help.....

  • Bonesaw1962 Level 4 Level 4

    First, where did you purchase the iPhone?  Second, when you attempted dfu mode, did it show the USB icon on the iPhone or not, and was it detected by iTunes.  Third, here are some troubleshooting tips



    Fourth,  you may try the restore a second or third time and it will work then. 

  • Mishal123 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello thanks for your interest I bought it from Dubai in a shop called jr electronics

    When I entered dfu mode nothing shows up except when I tried to restore it and the apple logo and the load bar showed up and loaded up to 75% and then rebooted the phone is always recognised by iTunes but no serial number or version shows up. I tried the link you gave me and I tried their solution but still no luck... I tried restoring it about....6 times but no luck....

  • brad805 Level 5 Level 5

    Error 1 is often a bad hardware error. Try to Restore the iPhone 4S on another computer. If still fails, there may be no fix, other than New iPhone.

  • Mishal123 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried restoring it on my hp my dell and my mac if there is no fix? Will apple replace it since its only 3 days old?

  • reetwick Level 1 Level 1

    try to restart ur computer without disconnecting ur phone and without closing itunes. when u restart ur pc or mac itunes will pop up and discover ur iphone then u can restore it. try it

  • bousios Level 1 Level 1

    man you have to connect it to another usb port!!! silly i know...

    i had the same problem, i switched it off then back on changed usb port and all fine!

    it's CRAAAAAAZY!

  • goshaylo Level 1 Level 1

    Try these steps to resolve the issue:

    1. Connect the device to iTunes, confirm that the device is in Recovery Mode. If it's not in Recovery Mode, put iPhone into Recovery Mode.

    2. Restore and wait for error 1604.

    3. When prompted, click OK.

    4. Close and reopen iTunes while iPhone remains connected.

    5. iPhone should now be recognized in Recovery Mode again.

    6. Try to restore iPhone from backup again.


    If the steps above do not resolve the issue, try restoring using a known-good USB cable, computer, and network connection.

  • JaneneP Level 1 Level 1

    Bizarre, changing USB ports worked for me, too.

  • btiouit Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same problem in my iphone 4s Error -1

  • btiouit Level 1 Level 1

    i need help

  • Edan114 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi also it is sometimes that the battery is dying and it needs to be replace that helped me

  • Ele09 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting error 3194? Any ideas??? Inverse started computer, changed USB port and still getting no where

  • Coach Dave WPB Level 1 Level 1

    I have been frustrated with several issues:

    1) Smart Playlist not syncing correct (not matching iTunes library)

    2) Songs staying on my iPhone and iPad that should be coming off.  Songs that should be going on not.

    3) iPhone and iPad filled with OTHER (amber) taking up space on the phone/pad.

    4) iPhone and iPad continually getting stuck on last Step during syncing.

    5) Neither would Restore.  Get stuck on last step of download and then give a timed-out error.


    Here's what I did and it seems to have worked.

    By the way, I have had no problems with my iPod Classic.

    To fix:

    1) Make sure you sync and back up your iPhone/iPad (even though it's not been fully correct).

    2) Make sure you back up to iClould (this is key).  If you don't use iCloud, sign up.  It's free.  Otherwise you will lose all that is saved to your device.  I did lose some photos, so email yourself any that you just would cry if you lost).

    3) I have my device checked with SYNC THIS DEVICE...OVER WI-FI (although I don't think it has any affect on these steps).


    5) It'll make sure you really want to do this and you will have to enter any password on the device.

    6) It takes a few seconds to clear.  It'll then reset.

    7) Follow instructions on the device (same ones you did when you first got it).  During set-up, turn iCloud on with Apple ID.  Once you go through the set-up, the device should have some Apps that come free and it should have no content.

    8) Connect to your iMac (not sure if this will work with a PC, but should). 

    9) Set up as new device (I did not want to restore from what I had because I didn't want to put back the same problems). 

    10) Select the Apps, Music, Podcasts, Photos, etc that you want on your iPhone/iPad.  This step takes time because you will have to arrange the apps on the page you want and reselect the items you want on the device.

    11) Sync/Apply.  This will take some time if you have a lot of items.

    12) After the sync is complete.  Disconnect from the iMac and go to Settings.  You'll want to reset (how you want them) the Notificiation Center, Sounds, Wallpaper, add your email, etc.  If your Contacts and Calendar are connected to your email address (Outlook), they will all come back once your email is set back up.

    13) There, likely, will be some small adjusments you will want to make (custom ringtones, time to lock-screen, etc) that you will make as you go.  These are minor.

    14) I did these steps the other day.  Played the iPod all day today (over 100 tracks affecting many Smart Playlist).  Came home, synced the iPod (no problems as normal); synced the iPhone and then the iPad and both synced fast and accurate.  What a change :-)

    Hope this helps!  Time will tell.

    Coach Dave

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