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I have iDVD 7.0.4 as an installed application on my iMac and it recently became corrupted - i.e. there was no sound from it, including the video.  Luckily I'd backed everything up the previous day and it worked, so I did an erase & copy back to the Mac HD.


Although it seems to be working OK now I'd like to copy the installation then burn it to a CD or DVD, so I've got a 'hard' copy to fall back on.  Ive looked at what apps are available on both install disks 1 and 2 but I can't find iDVD (on disk 1 it shows but is grayed out along with iMovie and others).  When I try install disk 2 there are lots of packages but I can't see iDVD.  Some of them have just letters and numbers but I've no idea what they are.


Can anyone please help me to do this?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Your iMac should have a disk  one of these in this screenshot for reinstalling bundled software:



    If none of your disks have a Install Bundled Software installer then use  Pacifist on those disks to see if it can locate and install iDVD and its themes. You might have to start the install process and then select the custom install option and look for the bundled software there. You can always abort the installation process if you don't find the applicaitons.



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    Thanks for your reply.   I don't know what a lot of the items are.

    The following are what I get with Install disk No1.:-

    DVD or CD sharing Setup.mpkg (could this be iDVD?).

    Optional Installs.mpkg,

    I don't need/want to actually install anything while they're all working, just make a CD of the iDVD package.


    On Install disk No2 the following items are displayed:-:-


    Some of these are obvious but is iDVD likely to be one of them?  Most of them are meaningless to me so is it possible to identify what the ones with strange configurations are?
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    From that I can't tell where the iDVD installer is located.  I doubt you could separate the iDVD installer from the rest for burning to a disk.  I suggest you obtain a copy of the iLIfe 09 or iLife 11 disk from one of the 3rd party retailers like or  That way you'd have the full installer for iDVD and any of the other iApps you use.

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    I'm hoping the following screen shots might help you to identify my problem using PACIFIST to locate iDVD (as you can see, the very one I want (iDVD) is greyed out in the first location and has 0 bytes in the second location. Surely iDVD must be on the Disk.  Could it be the DVD or CD Sharing Setup package or within the Optional Installs package.  Here's the latest screen shots from Install Disk No.1:-

    PACIFIST Combi.jpg

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    The Pacifist screenshot shows the iDVD installer package:



    You'll need to open the Contents of OSInstall.mpkg and then the Contents of BundledSoftware.mpkg to get the the iDVD installer.

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    Thank, I'll give it a go.

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    I located the custom install package and copied it (ctrl click) to my desktop, then decided to try it out before burning it ti a CD.  I then found that it is just a ALIAS to the install disk so it seems that I have to use the install disk anyway, because the copy (alias) can't work.


    What are your thoughts on this - am I doing something wrong?

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    makey wrote:


    What are your thoughts on this - am I doing something wrong?


    Definitely. You wasted 4 days on this and then chucked out the install disc and just reinstalled.


    On your screenshot it says Contents of iDVD.mpkg ..... 0 bytes.

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    If you want something to carry with you to reinstall any of the iApps if needed the get a copy of the iLife 11 disk.  You can then make a disk image of that disk and put it on your laptop or on a flash drive.  I have disk images of iLife 08, 09 and 11.

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    The version I want is iLife 08 which contains exactly the version of iDVD (7.0.4) that I use.  I tried Apple but can't locate it under old versions.  I guess Apple have stopped making 08 available from them, so where might I find 08 to download?

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    The History of iLife

    iLife 0401/06/04$4910.2.64444.21
    iLife 0501/11/05$4910.3.45HD 554.712
    iLife 0601/10/06$7910.4.361HD 666.0.23
    iLife 0808/07/07$7910.
    iLife 0901/06/09$7910.
    iLife 1110/20/10$4910.


    The iLife 08, 09 and 11 disk all include iDVD 7 which can be updated to the lastest and last version, 7.1.2.  So purchase any one of those items at or or wherever.  If you get the iLife 11 then you'll be able to install the latest iPhoto, etc. when you get a Mac that supports iLife 11.

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    Thanks so much for all your help on this.


    I tried one more time to locate iDVD 7 on the Apple website and found that by entering the details into a panel on the downloads page it became available to download!  I downloaded it, tried it out, burned it onto a CD  and it all works as it should!


    I'll definitely keep your iLife chart for when I eventually get a new Mac.


    Thanks again.

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    What particular file did you download from the Apple Downloads website.  All of the iDVD items there are just updaters and not full iDVD applications (or not supposed to be so). Others would like to know what you downloaded.

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    OK I'm an idiot, I've just looked properly at the package and it IS only an update (wasted CD?).  Reckon the only answer is your 'The History of iLife'  chart.  Here's a shot of what is on the CD I burned:-

    iDVD update.jpg

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