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I have a small Ipod, it's the size of a silver dollar.  The battery in the upper right corner has two bars next to it, sort of like a cell phone.  Does that mean it's fully charged?  How do I tell when it's charging?

iPod nano (6th generation), Windows XP Pro
Solved by Giles9602 on Jun 19, 2012 10:00 AM Solved

Hi Jeff,


The two bars indicate that the current song selected is "Paused' (when you play a song and then return to the main screen you will see it has changed to a 'Play' arrow)


You can tell when it is charging as when it is plugged in,  as on the main screen, the battery will have a small 'Lightning bolt' in the middle of it.


Hope that helped?



Reply by Giles9602 on Jun 19, 2012 10:01 AM Helpful

(and the amount of charge is indicated by how 'full' the battery icon is. if it is just an out line then it is nearly drained, and if it is 'solid' then it is fully charged)

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