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I took photos with my iPhone yesterday in an area with little cell service, and then went back to my home screen without looking at them. A couple minutes later I held the power and home button down for 30 seconds, giving my phone a hard reboot. When I went back to look at the seven or eight photos moments later, none of them were there. However, in the preview screen on the bottom left, it showed one of them.


Any idea why this would happen? Anyone know a way to get them back, it would be really, really nice.


photo-1.JPG As you can see, the photo shows up in the preview, but is nowhere to be found anywhere else.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    i dont know if this is the same problem - about a year or so ago i had a problem with all my music disappearing after a hard reboot - took into the Genius bar at an Apple store - turned out not to be anything with the phone but with a corrupted version of itunes on my pc (why it happened on my phone is unclear since the phone was connected to my pc when i did the reboot) - the guy at the genuis bar gave me another copy of itunes and i went and installed it (after uninstalling the version on pc) - havent had a problem since

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    Interesting. I will make sure my iTunes is updated, because I know right now it's not. However, with iOS5 not needing to be connected to your computer at all, that seems odd. If there was an Apple Store within six hours of me, I'd try that as a solution.

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    Did you ever resolve this?  I am having the same exact issue.  I made sure my iTunes was updated, but that didn't change anything.  It's so strange!

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    It was the most bizare thing I've experienced with my iPhone. About a month later, they just appeared back in my camera roll. Here's what I've come to a conclusion with:


    1. When I took the photos I barely had service, then did a hard restart before I had consistant 4G service. (AT&T)

    2. I plugged my phone in to my computer, hoping to find them, looked through my photo steam, hoping to find them, nothing.

    3. I rebooted my phone, the camera app, the photos app, each several times, nothing.

    4. One day, about a month later, I gave my phone a hard reboot. Suddenly, they were all there. I tried to figure out what about that hard rebooot could have had an effect, and I really have no clue. It wasn't at the same place as I took the photos, I was at work when I rebooted it, on WiFi.


    Hope that helps. Really, I have no idea.