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Hi I'm hoping someone has an answer to this:

I just purchsed a new MacPro 8-Core and installed Final Cut Studio (FCP 7) on Lion

It had been working fine, I had a system issue where tried to fix by providing rights to sub-folders and since I did that I have been having huge problems trying to get the Mac running again. One of which happens to be that the fonts which were accessible in FCP prior to the issue are now no longer available. in fact I had a huge collection all accessible. these are all gone. The same goes for Motion and the templates I try to open and use in Final Cut.


Does anypne have a clue as to why this happened and, more importantly, how can I get my fonts back??






PS. I have gone into font book and made sure all fonts are activated.

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.7.4)