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I work in an office where several people want to share two iPads. We require individuals to connect to our secure wireless network with their own username and password. Each user also wants to set up the iPad to connect to their own Exchange account. Each person will also use their own Apple iTunes store ID and download their own apps.


If I understand the differences between the two applications, Apple Configurator would be the appropriate tool to manage this and not the iPhone Configuration Utility. If I understand how Configurator works, I set up the iPad to connect to Jane's email and to connect to the Apple Store and our wireless using Jane's credentials. Then I back up that profile using Configurator. Next I configure the same device to connect to Jim's email and to connect to the Apple Store and our wireless using Jim's credentials. Then Jim backs up the device to his profile using Configurator.


Now whenever Jane uses the iPad, she brings it back and plugs it into our Mac to backup her profile changes (her apps, her home wireless network settings, etc.). Jim sits down and "Checks out" the iPad to himself which loads his previously backed up profile. If Jane still has the laptop checked out, Jim can plug in the second iPad and load his profile.


Is this how it works? It seems like Configurator can do this, but not the Configuration Utility (which means you need a Mac running Lion to use Configurator).


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