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I am an online educator in the K12 environment and for multiple community colleges. I am wondering if anyone knows of a program (through Apple, or a government or non-profit agency) that supplies iPads for teachers. This would be for my use, as my students are mostly online, and I have a virtual, rather than physical classroom.

I see a number of excellent uses for the iPad in my field, but unfortunately I am working on a teacher's salary and probably won't be able to buy one for myself.

I appreciate your suggestions!

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    There is an app called pages which lets you make slides for almost anything for just $9.99. It is a little pricy but worth it if you really going to use it.

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    Apple has no such program, and I've not heard of any goverment-sponsored program to purchase technology for educators. Your most likely possibility is to try to appeal to education-oriented charities, or make a proposal to a local business or community group. If you can present a unique proposition as to how your work benefits children and would be of even more benefit if you had an iPad, someone might be willing to fund one for you.


    Good luck.

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    I don't see how that applies to the question, sahayadarlin, since "appleprofessor" doesn't even have an iPad. Did you perhaps mean to reply to some other post?