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After using Bootcamp and windows for many years on the Mac noticed 2 weeks ago started having an issue with after the install of Windows launching Apple Software update does not work, Launches states there are updates to install but does show any avilable updates nor does the program perforrm any scans

iPhone 3GS, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9

    Do some maintenance it is likely just a Windows installer issue, not Apple's and something that happens, which is why backup system restore image, use Windows 7 DVD etc


    patch tuesday update is one likely cause


    Use CCleaner 3.x and use Registry tool as well as clean up all the temp caches and free up disk space


    run chkdsk


    properties - disk cleanup - system files - remove everything from there too


    clean registry again possibly


    use 10.7;.4 Boot Camp Assistant and download the current new drivers and install those -


    Have you even tried to repair or uninstall what you have now?


    Apple leaves a lot of things around that do not get uninstalled and keeps old versions around - Safari, iTunes etc and shared common support files - clean those out - there is a tech note for uninstalling Apple Windows Software.


    Not sure what you need or expect from ASU in Windows everything is avialble for manual download and install too. And nothing for Boot Camp through that (there was for BC 3.04 to get to 3.3) but that is old.

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    Thought of that re-installed with out WIFI on same result