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I used "erase media" selection to clear my phone to start over

It rebooted and I went through the English, US, Network, etc, etc

Then I connected to my computer to restore from iTunes backup, that's when it happened:


during restore iphone began cycling on and off at the "slide to unlock" screen, then to the clock circle, then back again

"slide to unlock" will not work either

the phone will not turn off either, holding the power button does nothing

holding home + power button finally turns it off,


took it to apple store, they restored it

got back home to again restore it from iTunes back up and it started it AGAIN!!!


Whats up?


Hard reboot gave me the iTunes plug in screen once, but not any more

I had deleted all the iphone updates on the computer and started over, still cycling


it finally quit when the battery died


Win XP Pro, iPhone 3gs 16g, iTunes 10


Any ideas as to what's going on and how to get over it????

iPhone 3GS, Windows XP Pro
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    Sounds like your backup is corrupt and restoring to it is causing your phone to malfunction.  You may have to restore it as new (i.e., without using your backup) and start over.  If it's continually restarting, force it into recovery mode to restore it.  See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808.

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    Well I see nobody cares . . . . . I thought Apple community was the place to go to get all the answers . . . . . .


    Got the phone back up. I had to create a Temp User on my computer, get iTunes, (but even then the restore gave either a 1604 error or 21 error), then going straight to the update file and double-clicking it to start the restore process.


    Anybody want a iphone 3gs? Windows . . . here I come!

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    When USP charging cable is connected to both the live wall charger and iphone,


    the iPhone will succesfully 'Slide to Power Off'.




    When the USB cable is not connected the following:




    1. Hold down power button until "Slide to power off appears".




    2. Slide the slider.




    3. Iphone gets the spinny wheel.




    4. Screen goes dark for a second.




    5. Apple logo then appears and the iphone eventually turns back on.




    6. No Apps are installed on this 4S.




    7. Restored on iTunes several times, No change.




    8. Changed USB Cable, No change.




    9. Cleaned Connector port w/ brand new, Clean, soft tootbrush, No change.




    10. Blown clean air into the connetor, No change.




    Any New developments / suggestions?????????????