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    So is the issue resolved by now ? Any softwear fixes ? How are the newer models ?


    I ordered mine yesterday :-)


    Is the camera still as bad or has anything changed (talking about softwear or hardwear...)

  • Jason1975 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    No, this issue has not been resolved. I sold my 15" RMBP a few weeks back and got a 13" Retina Macbook Pro. It has the same issue. The webcam has a washed out look. It appears to be a problem on the retina display Macbooks. Still not sure if it is software or hardware related. I will say that the application iGlasses does help make the picture look better. ***** that you have to buy and use an application to edit the colors though,



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    Also not impressed with the facetime camera on my new iMac. Does not work with Skype properly (I thin this is a skype issue) and it is certainly not 720HD. 720hd is 1280 × 720... and the image from the iMac camera is 4:3.


    What's going on?

  • ctmaddison Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Exactly the same issue here.


    I have a custom spec 15 inch Retina Macbook Pro and no matter what application I use the webcam/FaceTime camera quality is very poor with a dark grey tinge to the images. I'm fortunate to also own an iPad and iPhone 5 and the facetime image quality is far superior to that of my MBPR. I'm quite disappointed, particularly as retina display models are some of apple's most expensive products. It appears they neglected to ensure the facteime camera wasn't affected when they designed these new retina screens. I really hope this problem can be fixed with a software update and soon. 

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    I have been touch with Apple support. I sent in some photos, pointing out that the image from my iMac is also smaller at 1080x720 (which is 720HD - I was wrong on the image size) @72dpi than the image from my 5 years olf MBP (1280x853) @72dpi.


    The Apple support staff replied saying:


    "I have taken some quick snaps myself here in the office, which would be very similar to the lighting conditions that you would have. In a side by side comparison the images appear to be of identical quality."


    They went on to say that:


    "The image displayed on our website appears to have been taken in full 1080p. If not taken in 1080p it may be 720p with the best possible optimisation of lighting and under studio conditions.

    I can see how it may appear that the website is suggesting that you will be able to take images as clear as what is displayed but this is not the case. That image is simply the section heading and upon close inspection we can see that it does not state that this is the quality to expect, it is merely showing that we can make facile video calls in fullscreen mode."


    I would argue that this is misleading and that Apple's statement on the website:

    "Get everyone in the picture with crisp, widescreen HD video."


    Is also misleading. There is nothing crisp about the images that the iMac produces from the Facetime camera in normal office lighting conditions.

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    I am seeing the same issue. However, I am using both a Late 2008 MacBook Pro Mountain Lion with built in iSight cam and also a Mac Pro early 2009 Mountain Lion with an external Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam. The picture quality is bad. Person on other end is using iPhone 5.


    But, when I use my iPhone 4S - while FaceTiming with the same individual with an iPhone 5 - it is a beautiful picture quality. Which leads me to believe it is software related to some degree.


    Is the 2012 Macbook Air experiencing the same problem? Or the Macbook Pro nonretina display model?


    I need to advise the individual with the iPhone 5 on the best mac computer for FaceTime. Because they want a bigger screen.



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    I have a 2012 Macbook Air and can confirm the same issue.  The picture is very dark and grainy as mentioned by many others here.


    I have purchased iGlasses as I do a lot of skype for work and can definitely verify that if you tweak the settings you can reach an acceptable image quality - it's on par with other webcams but again nothing great.


    If you want my iglasses settings I'd be glad to share.  If you do a lot of video chat for work or if that's important to you I would either purchase iglasses or reconsider my purchase of macs with the new "hd" facetime camera.


    It appears that apple either doesn't care or won't fix this at the moment from my own interactions with their support and others on the forum so keep that in mind.

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    A week ago (March 2013) I bought the Retina Macbook Pro 15". I am noticing the same issue that almost every person here has been experiencing. I have also bought iGlasses and I can see that you can adjust the sharpness and it looks a bit better, but that's not the solution, because the sharpness is incremented in a way that is not natural.


    When I use Facetime it really look as if the image is out of focus, really bad for a HD camera, even the 30fps doesn't seem to be doing it right. What is funny too is that when they say 720 HD is actually, 720 by 486 (if I remember correctly), what I mean is that they are using the higher number, 720, to say that is a 720 HD comera, when they should say it a 486 HD camera instead...


    Anyway, I hope Apple will have some official say on this issue, we are already in March 2013 and nothing is being done... and my computer costed 3400 dollars!


  • fsantoro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi again,

    Today I went to talk to some people in the Apple Store. One of them seemed to know a bit more than normal... and his answer to my question as to why the iPhone has much sharper image then the macbook pro was because the iPhone is thinker than the thinkness of the screen of the macbook, so that they were able to put a bigger size CCD or digital camera chip behind the lens of the iPhone than in the much thinner macbook screen. That's the reason why the quality of the image is better in the iPhone, because it has a bigger digital cam. chip...

    Is there anybody here that agree with this?... I would like to see the technical information of both camera to comply believe it...

    What do you think?


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    I'm really dissapointed with this. I just spent $2,500 on a MacBook Pro Retina and I expected the "720p HD facetime camera" to look great. It doesn't! I literally have a $10 external camera that I bought 5 years ago that looks better than the camera on my new computer. My Dad's 2007 Macbook Pro camera looks much better in the same room. Maybe I should have bought that Asus Zenbook with better specs and a touchscreen for $1,500...

  • EZ Jim Level 7 Level 7 (21,785 points)

    Contact your retailer or Apple ASAP to have your MBPr checked.  Your new Mac may need service.






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    Mac OSX 10.8.3

  • fsantoro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi EZ Jim,

    Have you read the whole thread?, it's not his computer, it's the camera itself of all the new Retinas... they are all the same. I have test this in every Apple store and Best Buy stores, the cameras of all these models are not very good for a 3000 dollar computer, that's all... unless software can make a big difference, which i'm not sure about it (I'm using iGlass and it's ok, but artificially "ok")...



  • EZ Jim Level 7 Level 7 (21,785 points)

    fsantoro wrote: ... Hi EZ Jim, Have you read the whole thread? ...



    fsantoro wrote: ... it's not his computer, ...

    I responded to user veda28.


    I still read his post to be unambiguously addressing a problem with his computer.  I still suggest that veda28 (and any other user who might not have tested his Mac's camera before buying it) have his Mac checked if he believes his camera is not working well enough.  If there is nothing wrong with the Mac, perhaps the retailer or service / support people can explain camera techniques that will offer better results. 


    Cheers for sharing how you are dealing with your Mac problem.  Your solution may be all the help that some users need.





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    Mac OSX 10.8.3

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    Its crazy! I'm losing my mind here, 2300 Eur for a "top spec" macbook retina 15" and the picture from the "720HD" isight camera looks like some caveman just carved it into the f****** floor! What were they thinking! That we won't notice it, or what?! for me this is just not acceptable! And I'm from the other side of the world from Slovenia, so this is defenetly a worldwide problem... they suck!

  • fsantoro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's exactly what I am thinking... it will be nice if Apple at least explains why this is the case, even if nothing can be done.

    As I said before, I tested many of the new macbook pro in different stores, and all the facetime cam look the same. In comparison with the other devices, like the monitors and iphones (the facetime cam looks amazing). How come?

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