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    Well, a complete day away from my MBPr and my eyes and head feel perfect. I went back to my 17" and had no issues. Sadly, this confirms that I must return this amazing computer and hope that some day Apple figures this issue out. If it is a backlighting issue and this tech is the same for both the MBPr & my 2011 17" MBP, I don't understand it. I should be just as uncomfortable with the 17" as I am with the 15".  Is anybody aware of any differences between the backlighting of the 2011 17" and the new MBPr??

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    Hi guys,


    I have been using my 2012 macbook air with an external screen with no problems.  Though I get a headache when using it standalone.  Its a pity since the expirience of using it stand alone is much better that with external screen keyboard and mouse.



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    Dear all,


    I have placed a post some time ago on this discussion regarding the headaches I was expiriencing when using my macbook air 2012.  In the begining i thought it was the screen.  However, the problem with me was the bluetooth that is giving me a terrible headaches after a few minutes of use.  After I switched bluetooth off the headaches dissapeared.



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    It's not just the air that has the problem.


    I have been happily using a 2010 MBP for 2.5 years with no eyestrain and no problems. I am a writer and use the computer for 6-10 hours.


    I wanted to upgrade and bought the 13.3 inch Macbook Pro. Within one day my eyes felt burnt out. My wife noticed and, without prompting , asked why my eyes were so red. I called apple,they don't have any different screens on the 13 inch macbook pro and after reading about retina burn on the new retina range I am not keen to try one of those.


    I really want to upgrade my MBP but not at the expense of my eyesight...


    NB I had the same problems with a LED display screen early in the year and had to send that back to.


    Do Apple have any laptops in their raneg easier on the eye?



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    The 13" MBP you mentioned has a screen resolution of 1280 x 800, while the 13" MBA has a screen resolution of 1440 x 900. So texts displayed on the 13" MBA should be finer than on the 13"MBP. And that might be a cause of eye strain. I think you had better consult an eye doctor and tell him about the shift in display resolution. He might be able to suggest ways to avoid eye strain when using a display with higher resolution.

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    I suffer from the same issue and the LED backlight idea sounds quite reasonable BUT I used to work on an early 2011 MBP13 with LED backlight and no issues at all. No eye strain, fatigue, headeache whatsoever.


    I opened a thread with my issue:


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    i have the same issue. with a 2012 macbook air (13 inch), which i have had for a few months now.   did not have it with a 2011 mac book pro (13 inch)


    dimming the screen helps, but not totally


    i think it is something to do with the backlighting, or the thinness of the screen with the air.


    not worth the fatigue in my opinion, so will probably be trading for a samsung ultrabook

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    I had been suffering from eyestrain, headache ,eye dryness and nauseous feeling from using MBA ( and iMac grossy screen). The light or something from this screen affects eyes and makes me feel sick for a day after using MBA. I noticed that when I wear my optical glasses , the symptoms no longer exist. I'm not sure what it is exactly in my eye glasses that has property to filter out the unhealthy condition that MBA screen produces ( I know that my eye glasses have lenses with UVfilter and antiglare ).   Since I"m wearing contact lenses most of the time and find it clumsy to take them off and switch to eyeglasses, I bought the 3M PRIVACY FILTER  for 13 inches MBA to give it a try ( not for privacy purpose but for eyestrain purpose) and it works for me.   The filter makes the screen darker and it's antiglare.


    Since the filter has black shade but I need accurate color on my screen, I ordered the Gunnar glasses (crystal clear) to try.


    At this point I'm willing to pay to prevent my eyes from getting damaged or to stop feeling sick from using MBA.   Will let you know if the Gunnar glasses work.


    I can't belive Apple push this responsiblity to the users. Their products are affecting the users' health and we have just one pair of eyes. Nobody wants to wait to let their eyes being damaged to sue them because it's too late & not worth it.


    Btw, the shape of 3M privacy filter for MBA isn't well designed to uncover the built in camera. There is no punched slot on the film and if you need to use built in camera , this dark filter will play effect to the camera.  For me, I just dont attach the film to the screen. The film is thick & hard enough to be just placed  on the screen and I just let it sit on screen by itself. Hope this info helps.


    If anyone else finds a better solution or better product to solve this issue please share info. THank you!

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    fyi, I got the Gunnar glasses but they don't solve the problem for me so I return them. I'm not sure if it's because the lenses magnify things, and that makes me even more dizzy. I'm happy with the 3M privacy filter.

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    I was fascinated when I actually found search results to "macbook air eye strain", because I thought surely I'm the only one! But obviously I'm not...


    I just wanted to join you in saying that I TOO am experiencing incredible eye strain to the extend that I can't work anymore. I had to go to the doctor and all she could say is to work less and stop looking at the computer.


    I've never had any eye problems with my vintage Macbook Pro 17". And after a week of not using my Macbook Air 13" (2011), my eyes feel much better.


    I think this is a huge problem for Apple and all their customers health.


    If Apple is listening: I'm a screenwriter, but these LED screens are forcing me to look elsewhere for a new laptop, if you don't switch out these displays.


    Huge health risk that needs to be addressed!

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    Hi drunkenflower, does the 3M privacy filter really work? I'm thinking about getting one. I've tried the newer MBA before and it gave me headaches.


    I'm still stuck on a 13" white macbook that doesn't have LED backlighting. I really want to upgrade to a faster macbook.

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    i also picked up a 13 in air and my eyes seem to get fatigues quite quickly.  no headache but i can feel my eyes strain and feel a bit of a muscle twitch.  do you think it has anything to do with the high resolution of the screen?  i was using a 15 inch 2012 MBP with the 1280x800 stock resolution and no issue.  when i was testing the 13 mbr retain at the retina recomended resolution of 1280x800 and dont think i felt this eye strain.

  • candlewax48 Level 1 (0 points)  - perhaps one can let them know here


    i saw an older mbair 2011 version recently, and instantly noticed that the screen was softer and easier to look at, for my eyes

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    We are not alone!

    Head over to the Macbook Pro conversation here.

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    Hi azure8,

    The 3M privacy works for me. The film is thick & heavy enough that you can just lay it against the screen without  using adhesive.  The shape of the film is not designed to accomodate the build in camera ( no hole drilled on the film) though.


    I purchased the 3M privacy from apple store. You should try by yourself (since our eyes sensitivity are different) . If it doesn't work, just return the film.


    In addition to the 3M privacy film,  Flux  is also helpful.


    Hope this help!