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<body><p>How can I find the location of an i-pod shuffle, nano and touch that i have synced to my account? I have had each one stolen and would be so relieved if i could track there location as I know they are still in the county I live.</p>

<p>Also if i cant locate them can i at least remotely delete the libraries, and lock them so they are unusable to the thiefs, and i had a sony laptop worth &pound;2000 stolen which I had used my apple account for a year is there anyway i can track that or retrieve the contents and delete them?</p>


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<p>Please if anybody knows reply or contact me!!!! =-)</p>

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<p>many thanks</p></body>

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    There is no way to track a missing or stolen iPod Nano or Shuffle.  You can track the iPod Touch if you had previously enabled the FindmyiPhone feature before it was lost. However, this feature also depends on the iPod to be connected to a working Wi-Fi network and not have already been restored by the thief.


    Apple can do nothing to help. Sorry.

    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product