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Hi guys,


we searched over the internet and here in the forum too but we didn't found an answer about it.


I know that virtualization for mac os x is valid only on mac hw that's because we will take a Mac Pro Server (or other mac server) but we want to know if its possible to create the following architecture:


Mac Pro Server

     hypervisor (VMWare Esxi or other)

          1 or more Mac OS X Lion Server (or Snow Leopard Server) Virtual Machines



The above architecture is called HW virtualization and we didn't find some thing about it on mac system we only find OS Virtualization that is the following:


Mac Pro Server

     Mac OS X

          Virtual Machines (Guest)s


The difference between the 2 architectures is that in OS virtualization VM runs as applications (Application Level) over MAC OS X while in HW virtualization VM runs at OS Level.



So, it's possible to make hw virtualization over a mac system?


Thanks in advance.




Mac Pro, HW Virtualization on Mac Pro Server