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I have Microsoft Office 2011, Turbotax 2012, and Quicken  that I recently bought for my PC. Quicken 2012 just purchased a month ago.

I have now replaced the pC with the Imac. Do I have to get all new software? The apps dont seem to have all the features of the software I had before.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Microsoft Office 2011

    That would have to be Office 2010 since 2011 is the Mac version.


    But no, nothing you have will run natively in OS X. Just as nothing written (compiled) for the Mac will run in Windows.


    You will either need to purchase Mac versions of your apps, or install Windows on your Mac as either a stand alone bootable partition, or in a virtual machine such as Parallels. Doing the latter will allow you to run Windows within the OS X desktop so both are available at the same time. This works well for apps that don't need a lot of system resources, but trying to run most Windows games in VM would be a lesson in futility.