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The day after I installed Java for OS X 2012-004, a java applet that my bank uses to allow its deposit-at-home feature, would not run in Safari or Firefox. At the point when the applet is supposed to start to allow me to search for my deposit image to upload to the bank, a warning sign (yellow triangle with an exclamation mark) appears with an error message, but it just flashes by once so quickly that I cannot read it to see what the problem is. I called support for my bank and they had me run through all of their troubleshooting to no avail. The "plug-in missing" message that you are supposed to see to re-enable the Java applet per the Support notes in Apple does not appear, so I have no way to re-enable the applet if it has been turned off automatically. Help please.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 mid-2011
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    /Utilities/->Java Preferences app->Enable plug in.


    Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 7.10.05 PM.png

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    They are both already enabled.

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    Then, I'm out of ideas here, since all Java applets work w/Safari. I don't do Firefox.

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    It is in Safari that it does not work. It also does not work in Firefox. I managed to get the enable plug-in to show up when I created a new Test Admin account and tried running Safari from there to access my bank's website. But as soon as I selected it to enable it, once again I saw a very brief yellow triangle with an exclamation point and an error message but the message flashed by so quickly and vanished and I could not possibly read it. After that, when I tried to access it again via Safari in the Test Admin account, it just did nothing (same as my Admin account) - no error message, no enable plug-in and the Java app does not run. Before trying this, I had checked in both Safari and Java Preferences to make sure that the option to enable Java is selected and it was.

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    One side effect of all the Java updates that have been issued lately has been that some poorly-maintained Java applets have stopped working.  The only solution, if this is the problem, is to request that the applet be updated.


    Ask your bank's tech support if they support Java 1.6.0_33.  If they don't know what you're talking about, ask to talk to a more senior representative.  Continue this until you get someone who knows what you're talking about and can help you.  If nobody knows what you're talking about, switch banks, because you don't want these people in charge of the electronic security that protects your money! 

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    I will try that. Thank you.

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    Same thing happened to me with Safari and KeepVid.

    I got a "missing plugin" message.


    Try downloading directly from Java:



    Install and then restart Safari.

    Fixed it for me.

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    Thanks kaicuts. Since upgrading to Mountain Lion with the most recent Java update, this problem has vanished for me. My bank also modified its software.