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Here is the situtation that occured that resulted in deleting all the 500+ contacts in my iphone


A couple of days ago, I went to the mobile phone store and bought an iphone 4s upgrade package. I have been using an iphone 3s for the late couple of years.


recently I upgraded the software of the old iphone and received the icloud software and  backed up all the data to the cloud.


Now during the upgrade to the iphone 4s the shop assistant set up the new phone and transfered the sim etc to the new phone, I was unaware that the new iphone was now a clone of my old iphone with all my old data and a live sync to the icloud and itunes etc.


When I got home I decided that I would give the new phone to my wife, so I proceeded to delete all the data off the new phone, this involved manually deleting all 500+ contacts in the address book, bar a few close friends that my wife knows, to safe her reentering the data.


What I did not know was that the phone was syncing to the icloud/itunes everytime i hit delete and deleted a contact from the icloud and also from my old iphone that I am still using, so now I have 2 x iphones with no contact data.


I have lost 15years of accumulated business and personal contact info, 75% of which I have no way of recovering from other sources.


My obvious questions is, is there any way of restoring my iphone's contact data from an earlier version of the the auto sync backup ie from 2 days ago ie the 18th June 2012 and not the sync'd backup from today or this evening?


OR is my life lost for ever?


can anyone help?


Thanks and regards


iPhone 3GS