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I have created a book in iBooks Author, it contains a video when opened, several photo galleries and text. The book is about 35.6MB in size. I have processed it in 'Share'  and sent it by email to my iPad [original - first release - Australia]. On the iPad when you tap on the iBook icon for the email attachment to start the 'Open with' process  it pops a message that it cannot open the file because it is to large 'or someting like that I cannot remember the exact words' . However if I connect the iPad to iTunes on my desktop and drag and drop the same file to my Book folder in iTunes then the book will sync with the iPad and on the iPad open and display the content without any issues. On the iPad there is more than enough storage space [49GB available] to accommodate the 35MB file. Perhaps Apple have sent a file size limit to ensure that there is enough memory available on the iPad to process the file. Perhaps this limit if it exists is set to low or in someway corrupt.